Course Levels


We have three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Chinese in our Mandarin course curriculum.


Our classes are divided into three major levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced. This allows us to tailor make our classes to suit the student as well as ensure a form of advancement so that students are able to see the progress they are making.


We have three levels: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Chinese in our Mandarin curriculum.


This course is intended for total beginners. After the course, the learner will have a command of about 1,000 words. The course includes over 2,000 commonly used sentences and phrases, which will enable the learner to converse comfortably in daily communications. Each level consists 24 hours / 12 lessons classroom learning.

Beginner 1 – Numbers, Greetings, Dates, Age, Telephone Numbers, Family Members, Self-introduction, Occupation, Time, Daily Routine, Means of Transport, Colors, Clothing and Parts of the body.

Beginner 2 – Countries, languages, Making phone calls, Weather, Seasons, Hobbies, Food, and Drinks, Eating out, Renting an apartment, Furniture.

Beginner 3 – Relatives, Appearance, Go shopping, Bargaining, Asking for directions, Seeing a doctor, Neighbourhood


Intermediate level learners will be able to utilize and maximize their vocabulary and structure with our proven methodology. These levels will enhance their ability to communicate in the daily conversation and business situations in a more formal way. Linda Mandarin has its own effective and creative system of character teaching which will help you go further on the way of Chinese learning. Each level consists 24 hours / 12 lessons classroom learning.

INTERMEDIATE 1 – Personality, Daily routine, Household Chores, Pets, Events, Festivals, Travelling, Accidents

INTERMEDIATE 2 – Family, Friends, Climates, Booking flights, Learning Chinese, Organizing a party, Volunteer Work, Spring Festival, New year dinner.

INTERMEDIATE 3 – Going to Beijing, Celebrating Chinese New Year, Auction, Camping, Talking about Pressure, New Science and technology, Health, environment protection.


The Advance Levels best suits business individuals, corporations and language lovers who are willing to master Chinese business skills, knowledge, communication skills and Chinese culture. Levels are also designed to gain vast knowledge of China’s emerging market and business culture. This level also aims to increase their frequency of terminology and how to use them spontaneously with good grammatical control.

Set Advanced Level 1 and 2 are on Chinese culture and modern China situations while Business Mandarin Training or HSK exam preparation can be tailor-made to clients special needs.