Debunking 5 Myths About Learning The Chinese Language

Learning Chinese, Learning Chinese Language

Chinese may be hard to learn. However, the learning journey can be eased with some useful tips.

There are some myths that surround the Chinese language. Below, we have debunked the top myths of the Chinese language, to clear up some misconceptions.

Myth #1 – You can only learn Chinese up to a certain extent.

This myth applies to all languages but is much more prevalent among aspiring Chinese learners because of the language’s reputation for being difficult and complicated.

However, the truth is, you can learn any language at any age.

Myth #2 – Courses are expensive.

Enrolling yourself in a Chinese course may not be very affordable. However, it is definitely not extremely costly, like how some people imagined it to be.

Myth #3 – You have to go to China to learn Chinese.

Yes. Immersion is important. In fact, immersion can cut down on the amount of time required for you to learn and gain fluency in the Chinese language. However, it is not necessary for you to travel to China in order to learn the language.

While it’s great that you can dedicate some time to learning Chinese in China –it is still very much possible to learn the language through a Chinese course in Singapore.

Myth #4 – Translation software and apps are all I need.

Translation software and applications do not make learning the Chinese language unnecessary.

A language is more than just a bunch of words and letters. It is also about a particular country’s culture and mannerisms. These are things that software and applications are unable to pick up or teach you.

Communicating in China is not as simple as knowing the right words. To truly be fluent in Chinese, you need to know the nuances of the Chinese people as well. Otherwise, it will be impossible for you to build meaningful and productive relationships with Chinese people.

Myth #5 – People want to learn a new language.

Most people learn a new language in the desire to connect with other people. Whether it is for personal, professional, or business reasons, we need to know the other person’s language to communicate effectively.

By accepting the fact that you want to learn a new language to connect to other people, you will understand that learning a new language is less about the language itself and more about other people.

It’s a fact – anyone, regardless of age and race, can learn the Chinese language!

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