Foreign Languages You Should Teach Your Children Early

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It’s no secret that being bilingual is extremely helpful. It’s great for your career, and overall, it’s a nice skill to have that can come in handy in certain situations. Although children may not have much use for knowing a second language yet, it’s better to start them young – when the brain is more open to picking up new things.

Unfortunately, not all languages are equal.

Having said that, below are foreign second languages that you might want to think about teaching your children early to help give them a better chance of getting ahead in life.

1.   Spanish

Spanish is one of the most commonly used languages, especially in the Western hemisphere, and for Native English speakers, it’s relatively easy to learn. This is because, like English, Spanish is a phonetic language. It also helps that both languages share a similar vocabulary.

As an added bonus, Spanish is very similar to other Romance languages like French, Italian, and Portuguese. So, by teaching your children Spanish, it’ll be easier for them to pick up the said languages.

2.   Mandarin Chinese

If you’ve been seeing more and more tutors and schools offering Mandarin lessons for children, it’s probably because of how learning Chinese Mandarin has become somewhat of a buzzword all over the world these days and for good reason – China is growing and the country’s not showing any signs of stopping anytime soon.

In terms of learning the language itself, Chinese Mandarin has a bit of an undeserved reputation. It may be difficult to learn, especially for adults, but it’s a different story for children. Because the language’s tone makes the language sound like a song, children are more receptive to learning it. Not to mention, the written characters look like pictures. This makes them a lot more appealing to children.

3.   Germany

Did you know that English is a Germanic language? Because of this, it’s relatively easy for children to pick up German. But, that’s not the only reason to teach your children how to speak German. As one of the strongest economies worldwide, and a country who consistently awards numerous scholarships and other support for foreign students who want to live and study in Germany, teaching your child how to speak German can up their chances of getting high-quality education for an affordable price, which has become quite of a problem in many countries worldwide.

4.   American Sign Language

American Sign Language, otherwise abbreviated as ASL, is not a language. However, a lot of people use it, from those who are deaf to individuals with Down Syndrome and others with special needs.

By teaching your child ASL, you help them learn the culture of people who rely on ASL to communicate on a daily basis. This makes them more empathetic and more sensitive to other people. Not to mention, knowing ASL can come in handy in certain situations, such as in medical emergencies or disasters.

Ultimately, you, the parent, will decide what language you’ll teach your children early on. But, to give them the best chance in life, you’re better off teaching your child at least one of these four languages.

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