Guide to Learning a New Language in Your 20s

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Are you in your 20s and want to start learning the mandarin language? It is normal that you feel lost initially. We all are when we want to start a project as ambitious as learning a new language. While the alphabet and phonetics of this language may be totally different from those of our mother tongue, learning Chinese is not mission impossible. Heard many things about it? Well here we will try to answer some of your doubts:

There are many false beliefs, but we will try to show that you can learn Chinese if you put in the time and dedication:

“Chinese grammar is incomprehensible to us.” Another false belief. Mandarin Chinese does not have conjugations or complicated grammar rules. You just have to know some very basic rules. For example, in Chinese, we do not say “I am thirsty,” but “I thirst.

Chinese is different from any European language, such as German, Chinese, French or even Chinese, but if you try to immerse yourself in the Chinese way of speaking, you will learn that speaking Chinese is very easy.

If you are motivated, nothing can stop your desire to learn. In fact, you can learn Chinese by yourself. Of course, you must be clear that learning Chinese (like any other language) on your own is not easy. Here are some suggestions in this regard.

Listen to the language
The key to learning a language is to make our brain get used to it. That is, you must be able to identify if, for example, a person speaks Mandarin or not. Like when you learn English and you start to distinguish if a person is British or American. You have to familiarise yourself with the sound of the language.

You can start listening to podcasts or watching videos in Chinese. Even if you do not understand, your brain will begin to integrate this new language progressively. Thus, you will immerse yourself in the language. 

Another tip: if the video has a title, you can try to decipher what it means. Do not focus on the characters but on the meaning, that can change depending on the context. Reading too deeply into individual words can end up confusing you further. 

Study the most practical part of the language
What is your main motivation to learn Chinese? Do you want to learn a new language for your studies or do you want to travel to China? In the end, the fact remains that whatever your motives may be, try to use them as a fuel that will help you to persist in your learning. Learning a language is not an easy task, especially in the beginning. Do not let yourselves be carried away by your frustrations and always keep your motivation in mind. For example, if you want to travel, start learning words that may be useful to you. If you do, you will see how quickly you get a good base.

Now, you can learn the Mandarin language at a basic or at an advanced level by signing up for Mandarin lessons in Singapore. Either way, learning what you feel is the most important aspects will ensure you stay interested and motivated.

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