How Chinese People Celebrate Christmas?


Christmas is a festival that is celebrated all over the world with joy and happiness on the 25th of December. People will wish each other as they offer gifts to their loved ones. Everyone, especially kids will look forward to receiving new gifts and goodies.

The way of celebration is a little bit different in China, young couples treat Christmas like Valentine’s Day as they enjoy movies and romantic activities. Learning Chinese in Singapore can give you different Christmas experience than other countries. Here are some ways Chinese celebrates Christmas:

Christmas Celebration:

At the day of the Christmas, Christians in china will go to church wish Christmas to each other. The words used by Chinese to say Merry Christmas is “圣诞节快乐”. They will attend dance and drama performance called ‘Peaceful Evening’ (平安夜) from the carol “Silent Night”.

Apple Eating Culture:

China has evolved an apple gifting culture during Christmas as the word “apple” (苹果) apparently sounds like “Christmas eve”(平安夜) in Mandarin. The apples given might bear fancy wrapping and be printed with holiday messages or images like Santa Claus or ‘Merry Christmas’.

Christmas Songs:

Another way of celebrating Christmas is to sing different Christmas songs. The songs are also the best way to say Merry Christmas to each other and show the joy, excitement, and happiness to each other. Although the percentage of Christians is low in China, shopping malls will arrange for carol singing to beef up the Christmas atmospheres. Mandarin classes Singapore are always available to help you if you don’t understand Chinese songs well.

All these are the ways by which the Chinese people celebrate Christmas and wish each other. This is the most special day for all the Christians and they want to enjoy it in the most attractive, special and unforgettable ways. So, enjoy it as much as you can.

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