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Learn Chinese fast

Do you find learning the Chinese language difficult? Are you struggling to overcome the obstacles that come with looking for a way to learn Chinese?

Mandarin Chinese is often dubbed as the hardest language to learn for a number of reasons. First, understanding the writing system with thousands of Chinese characters is difficult if you are used to the English alphabet. Secondly, the tonal nature of language makes it hard for foreign language speakers.

But these difficulties should not falter your enthusiasm to study Chinese and attain advanced fluency because it is possible!

While learning the Chinese language will never be an easy task, you should not be discouraged because you can still learn how to speak Chinese in just a few months.

Read on for ten tips on how to learn Chinese that will surely be enjoyable and successful when combined with consistency and determination.

1. Set your goals

If you are a language student who finds starting your language learning journey hard, you should consider setting up goals and milestones in learning Chinese.

The first and most important goal-setting technique is to assess your motivation in language learning. If you are consistently motivated, you will surely remain consistent in learning Chinese.

Next, set up a timeframe for which you would assign milestones to keep you on track on your Chinese learning journey.

Another goal-setting technique that you should not pass over is to make learning a habit. You should always include time for practice writing, reading, and speaking Chinese in your daily routine.

Lastly, you should combine big goals with small goals that will remind you that your hard work pays off even if it is a small step towards the efficiency of your Chinese skill.

2. Start with the basic words and phrases

Chinese Basic Words

A common mistake among new Chinese students is that they tend to take little priority on learning the basic Chinese words.

But it would be best if you start learning the basic words and phrases to kickstart your understanding of Chinese grammar.

Starting with the basic features of Chinese vocabulary is an essential step towards learning the language that will enable you to form simple Chinese sentences.

Make it a point to be proficient in the basic conversational skills to learn Chinese in much less time and give you an opportunity to start interacting with a native speaker of Chinese.

3. Watch Chinese Movies

If you spend your spare time watching movies, you should consider watching Chinese movies or a Chinese soap opera to keep you entertained while also learning Mandarin.

Watching a Chinese movie helps you develop listening comprehension and recall the basic vocabulary associated with the words.

Although watching a movie can be entertaining and relaxing, you should not forget to remain actively watching so you would not miss out on the dialogues. You can always pause and rewind if you missed some of the important Chinese phrases until you understand every word.

Aside from learning to speak Mandarin, you will also get a glimpse of the Chinese culture portrayed by the actors in the movie.

You will be much more engrossed in learning Mandarin as you get to listen to the casual conversation of the actors in the movie.

Here are a few movies we recommend that you should include on your watchlist that can be a great introduction to contemporary Chinese vocabulary with notable examples of how to use the Chinese language in everyday life:

  • This is Not What I Expected (喜欢你)
  • Beijing Bicycle (十七岁的单车)
  • The Wedding Banquet (喜宴)
  • Suzhou River (苏州河)
  • To Live (活着)

If you enjoy watching animated movies or series, then check out Chinese anime. Here are a few famous ones:

  • Ling Qi (Spiritpact)
  • Zhen Hun Jie (Rakshasa Street)
  • Wo De Tian Jie Nuyou (My Cultivator Girlfriend)

According to research, watching foreign shows with subtitles increases the capacity of a language learner to retune the link of speech sounds with perception.

So, keep these titles in mind and actively listen to the dialogues to help you learn how to speak and understand Chinese Mandarin.

4. Speak the words out loud from day one.

Learning Chinese includes practicing how to speak properly in Chinese. You may be intimidated with introducing new speaking tones but this is an important step for you to be able to communicate clearly with Chinese people.

Speaking out loud is another overlooked way to learn Chinese but it makes for great progress when you are learning Chinese.

Aside from learning how to properly pronounce Chinese words, you will also be able to recall the words and its meaning as you go through this step because meanings vary in the tones of the Chinese language.

Enhance your conversational Chinese speaking skills by setting a dedicated time for speaking Chinese out loud on your own. Learn Mandarin by assigning a set of speaking activities you can do like reading books, writing Chinese characters in cards for you to read, singing Chinese music out loud, and a lot more to spruce up your Chinese learning journey.

The tone of a native Chinese speaker is noticeably different than other foreign languages, so it is common among new Chinese language learners to make pronunciation mistakes, but this should not bother you because you will get better with lots of practice.

5. Practice by talking to a native Chinese speaker.

Another tip to help you learn Chinese faster is to connect yourself with native Chinese speakers who can be your language partner in the Chinese community.

Approaching new people may seem daunting at first. Still, there are a lot of options online where you can find Chinese friends who speak Chinese as their primary language, like online forums and chats, language learning applications, meeting new people in Chinese restaurants, and more!

Communicating with people who speak other official languages enables you to get a glimpse of their culture and allows you to learn the conversational features of their language. And research suggests that interaction with native speakers provides an opportunity for a language learner to develop communicative competence outside the classroom.

Therefore, communicating with a native Chinese speaker will enable you to learn Mandarin and enhance your conversational Mandarin Chinese.

It will help you understand the use of the Chinese language in the real world context and give you more opportunities to expand your knowledge.

As you listen to Chinese speakers, you will be able to learn the proper pronunciation of words, learn vocabulary, and get substantial insights from your language partner to correct your common errors in grammar and pronunciation.

Even just a few minutes of a daily conversation with a native Mandarin Chinese speaker, you will be surprised with the progress you make in your conversational Chinese speaking and gain confidence in your Chinese speaking skills.

6. Listen to Chinese radio stations and podcasts.

Another important tip that you should never miss out on is to constantly listen to podcasts and Chinese radio stations to help you develop your receptive skill.

Through listening, you will be able to acquire the proper pronunciation of words, familiarize yourself with the tone, and comprehend the messages conveyed in your target language.

According to research, we can gain 45% of language competence from listening and the remaining factors are divided into speaking, reading, and writing.

Listening is the highest contributing factor to your Chinese learning journey so make sure to dedicate time to listen to radio stations and podcasts. You can start by listening to podcasts or radio on your way to school or work, keep it playing whenever you are doing something that does not require your full attention, and in your free time.

7. Don’t aim for perfect Chinese speaking skills.

It is important to always reach for the stars when trying to achieve a goal but learning a new language is a different topic.

If you aim for perfection when learning how to speak Chinese faster, you might end up getting disappointed because a lot of obstacles come with learning how to speak Mandarin.

You should allow yourself room for mistakes because you will constantly make errors in grammar and pronunciation.

Instead, embrace the mistakes and learn from them because the further you practice, the better your Chinese skills.

Remember to always listen attentively for the proper pronunciations, speak out the words, practice reading Chinese characters, take note of the mistakes you make, learn, and repeat!

8. Practice by introducing yourself in Chinese.

Learning how to introduce yourself in Chinese will prepare you to learn Chinese faster. But this doesn’t mean that you should only take note of the typical and unnatural self-introduction.

Practice by introducing yourself in different situations, whether it is business Chinese, casual conversation, scholarly Chinese, or more, to represent yourself properly in different Chinese communities.

Remember that confidence is the key if you want to make great impressions when you introduce yourself in Chinese.

Aside from this, you should not forget to keep your introduction short but sweet and avoid going in circles as not to confuse your listeners.

Lastly and the most important tip is to speak slower since you will be speaking as a new speaker of the Chinese language.

You can start this exercise by talking to yourself in the mirror and imagining different scenarios to prepare you for whatever context. You can also record yourself and listen to it afterward to know how you sound, whether friendly or neutral.

9. Read Chinese children’s books.

According to this article from Brainscape, reading is one of the best ways to learn a foreign language because you will get to be more comfortable understanding the words at your own pace and analyze the grammatical aspects of the story.

You can start your Chinese reading journey by starting on the basic literary pieces like classic children’s books, where you will encounter a lot of basic conversational words and simplified Chinese characters.

Pick children’s stories that have an accompanying audiobook so you can also train your listening comprehension and familiarize yourself with proper pronunciations.

Remember to take note of the new and unfamiliar words you may come across along your reading so you can get back at it and look it up to add to your vocabulary.

Learning a second language means starting at the basics, and children’s books are written with the very basics that will provide you with a solid and wider range of knowledge. Here are a few children’s books that are published in Mainland China that you should add to your reading list:

  • Home For Chinese New Year
  • My Beijing
  • An’s Seed
  • Look! What Do You See?
  • Buddy Is So Annoying

Don’t forget to add these titles to your reading list along with the learning materials for a significant improvement on your goal to advanced fluency.

10. Learn with a Chinese Teacher

Even though there are a lot of resources available online, which gives you an option to learn on your own. Still, nothing compares to the efficiency of learning Chinese with a professional Mandarin Chinese teacher. You will get a better headstart if you decide to take a Chinese course at a Chinese Mandarin language school if you want to learn Chinese fast.

Whether you choose to learn Chinese in a classroom setting, learn with a private tutor, or do virtual sessions with an experienced teacher, it is always the best step to take if you want to learn Mandarin fast.

If you want to learn Chinese faster, you would definitely need some help along the way. Chinese language teachers will help you build strategies to improve your speaking, reading, and writing skills in Chinese Mandarin with confidence.

Chinese language teachers will help you in vocabulary development and strengthen your grammar skills by introducing you to concepts and other tools for an enjoyable yet productive learning experience.

If you opt for one-on-one teaching, there are other benefits, like building your confidence in speaking the language and a personalized learning module to keep you on track with your goal.

With Linda Mandarin, you will get a tailor-fitted academic goal from experienced multilingual teachers that will help you assess your learning plan. You will learn Mandarin from experienced and accredited professional trainers who will provide an efficient learning plan for you.

Here at Linda Mandarin…

You will be able to reach your goal to learn Chinese quickly through the assistance of accredited language teachers who can use proficient English to explain concepts and are Applied Mandarin Linguistics Certified to ensure you the best learning experience. And you can learn Chinese fast by taking part in the programs we offer.

There are programs for the adults to fit all skill levels like the Chinese conversational course, Mandarin beginner group classes, online Mandarin class, Mandarin intermediate classes, and daily intensive Mandarin course.

Linda Mandarin also offers courses for the younger ones like the children’s Mandarin course, kids Mandarin group class, children holiday program China and Singapore, and IB IGCSE Chinese classes.

These courses are tailor-fitted for all skill levels where you can learn the use of the Chinese language in different contexts using innovative teaching methods, interactive lessons, and engaging activities to ensure that learning is equally dynamic and fruitful.

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