How to Learn Chinese Easy and Fast

Chinese children learn to write Chinese characters
Chinese children learn to write Chinese characters

Of the various world languages, Chinese is considered quite difficult to learn by many. Contrary to what people believe, Chinese language can be learnt easily and in a short time. The level of difficulty one experiences with the language is a perceived one.

Since the language is entirely different from other common world languages like English, French, Spanish, and Latin those trying to learn the language for the first time can be intimidated by the alphabets and the way they are written and spoken.

But these differences actually make the language more interesting and motivate you to learn. So instead of dwelling on negative points that deter you from learning anything new, a positive approach would help in mastering the language easily.

It’s fun learning a new language

It’s fun learning a new language. It is not necessary that you need to have a practical reason behind learning a new language.

There need not be any rhyme or reason behind learning a foreign language. Some people have solid reasons behind learning a language such as,

There may be many other such reasons, but the fact is that it affords better communication between people and gives you an advantage whether it is a university application, job prospect or business transaction.

So, if you wish to master Mandarin Chinese, you can do it without any hesitation.

Here are some effective ways, which will help you learn the language easily. You will grasp the nuances in no time and start speaking fluently in Chinese.

Watch the tone

To learn Chinese you should master the basic tones. Mandarin Chinese has four basic tones. The language is stress timed, while Cantonese is based on syllable timing, and consists of six tones. These are not the only languages based on tone.

Vietnamese for instance has 5 or 6 tones which vary based on the region it is spoken in. There are many other world languages based on tones. Therefore, this need not be a difficulty while learning the language.

Even if you find it difficult to master the language, you can speak it coherently at a basic level to be understood. Understanding and learning the right way to speak the tone is important. Even a slight change in tone can give an entirely different meaning.

The four tones in Mandarin language include:

  1. Ping (Level tone)
  2. Shang (Rising tone)
  3. Qu (Departing Tone)
  4. Ru (Stop final or entering tone)

But it is not necessary to restrict your learning capacity based on how you master the tone alone.

Choose a medium of your choice

You can learn the language in different ways. You need to pick the one that you feel comfortable in and use it the most. Here are some examples:

  • Learning the language among the native people and in the specific country, the language is native to would be favored by some.
  • If going to the country is not an option, you can visit a Chinatown nearby and speak to the owners, workers, and residents there to learn the fine nuances of the language in an authentic way.
  • And there are tutors who teach you privately which some people favor.
  • A classroom atmosphere is preferred by some.
  • Moreover, you have online classes

If you are looking for immersive learning experience, learning the language in China or Taiwan is the ideal choice.

So choose the way that suits you best. And remember that learning a language can be done at any age and at any time. All you need is the motivation and passion for the learning it and you will be ready to master it.

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