How You Can Learn Chinese When You’re A Non-Chinese Speaker

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Learning Mandarin or Chinese has become a trendy past time as its increase in the business and travel world continues.

If you’ve heard of the hype and want to be part of it, here are some great ways on how to learn Mandarin or Chinese when you don’t know where to start.

Learn Chinese in a Chinese speaking country

The best way to learn Chinese is to go to a Chinese speaking Country and enroll in a part-time Chinese language course.

For example, learning Mandarin in Singapore can be rewarding as you meet Chinese tutors and like-minded individuals. You can really be a part of the Chinese speaking culture and get a lot of practice while living amongst locals.

Many foreigners take a short 6-month break to learn Chinese in Singapore while they do online writing or travel blogging. It has become a very popular study and travel option and has become more and more easily accessible.

Do online courses or follow an APP

If relocating isn’t an option then start with an online course. Enrolling in easy webinars or online tutoring groups can kickstart your learning.

Visit, a great website where you can browse to find online Chinese courses that fit your availability and budget.

Start by learning the basics. Downloading a ‘Learn Chinese App’ will allow you to learn the basics of Chinese in the car and on the go. Achieving milestones and practicing pronunciation on the APP might just inspire you to jump on a plane and go pick up Chinese in Singapore! You never know.

Make friends with Chinese speakers who want to practice their English

Chinese speakers are hungry for English speaking friends who want to hold a conversation with them. Browse the internet to find Chinese speakers who would like to practice their English speaking, or in many cases, those who would pay to get some quality face time with an English speaker.

Instead of being paid, you could just ask them to help you practice Chinese in exchange!

Watch Chinese programs

We’ve all seen some insane Chinese game shows so why not download a few and watch them with English subtitles. When listening carefully, you’ll find that there are many frequently phrases used.

Pick up on those and find out their meanings.  Practice repeating the phrases and use them to converse with your new online friends or when you encounter a Chinese speaker.

Do your research

Make an effort to understand how the language works. There are many articles written by students and travelers who learned Mandarin in Singapore.

They write about the different aspects, misconceptions and usages of the Chinese language. If you understand the language and how it was formed, you will learn Chinese much faster.

There are so many ways to learn Chinese. It has become a widely available language for all and used frequently by both travelers and students. Learning Mandarin is no longer a case of ‘how to’ but ‘when’!

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