Job Prospects for Mandarin-Speaking Professionals

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Chinese or Mandarin is one of the toughest languages in the world. However, if you have spent years learning the language and studying about it, then you must want to make a good career in it. If you are interested in the language and have taken learning mandarin seriously, you can easily get a job through this language and earn your living from your passion for Chinese. Here are some jobs that you can apply for if you have taken Mandarin classes in Singapore:

Chinese Teacher
The first job opportunity that you can get is to become a Chinese Teacher. If you have a certificate that proves that you have enough skills to teach Chinese, you will not find it difficult to get a job as a Chinese teacher. You need to have a proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and a bachelor’s degree. Some of the institutes might also ask you for a certificate of a teacher’s education program. However, if you do not have the certification but you have a command over the language, you can always take private tuitions.

One of the highest paying jobs that you can get is that of a subtitler. A subtitler is a person who translates the entire movie or a clip or audio and creates subtitles that are shown at the bottom of the video or alongside the audio. If you have a proficiency in Chinese, it will be easy for you to translate your native language to Chinese or vice versa.

Since the world has become a global space and people from different countries are interacting with each other, the need for a translator increases day by day. If you have a good command of your native language and the Chinese language, you can become a translator. The job of a translator is to listen to the person talking in the native language and explain it to the other person in their own language. For example, you can translate English into Chinese or vice versa.

English Teacher
English is one of the most widely spoken languages, and the Chinese students might want to learn to speak English. If you know Chinese well, you can become an English teacher as well. This is only possible if your first language is English or you have a degree in the English language. Just like the Chinese teacher, you can either teach in an institute or school or home tutor students.

Research Analyst
Most of the companies’ reports are in the native language. China is one of the biggest business competitors, and there are a lot of Chinese companies that have a widespread business around the world. You can be a research analysis that can investigate the reports of the Chinese companies and provide the data that can be used to grow your own company.

The best thing about learning a foreign language is that it will give you a lot of travelling opportunities. If you learn the Chinese language, you might even get an opportunity to go to China and work there with the natives and enhance your skills.

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