Learn Chinese Through Songs: 3 Chinese Classic Songs


It’s true that Chinese goods are available everywhere in the market, but it is also a fact that the Chinese Language is booming throughout the world. Many people want to learn Chinese to boost up their trade, be it alanguage translator or good trader. Mandarin classes in Singapore is as simple and easy as learning any other languages. There are a number of ways by which you can easily start learning the Chinese Language, including joining Mandarin classes in Singapore or using fun techniques like listening to Chinese music.

Listening to Chinese Songs

Once you know the basics of the Chinese Language, you can polish it by listening to Chinese songs. You can learn the ways to pronounce certain phrases as you sing along with it.

If you are confused about choosing the right type of songs, here are 3 classic Chinese songs to kickstart your Chinese learning journey through songs.


This song is called “Little Apple” and was released for the movie “Old Boys”. In the video of the song, you can see the romance and love of couples. The song has also got the popularity because of its easy to learn dance and choreography and its catchy tune. It has simple and easy lyrics that you can learn quickly.


This is the song, “Where Are We Going Dad”. This song was released for a reality show on television. It consists of really simple lyrics and sings about children who travel to different places together and conquer their camping mission with their dads.


The name of this song is “Where Did The Time Go”. The song is dedicated to the parents for their love, care, and affection and was released by Zhengliang Wang. The main purpose of this song is to provide encouragement of the people who are stressed out in life, with easy to follow lyrics.

All the songs have simple lyrics that encourages beginners to learn Chinese with fun and excitement. If you ever find any difficult words in any song, then you can simply Google it and translate the words to English.

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