Learning New Languages and Globalization


It is quite hard to imagine a world devoid of languages for surely that imaginary world would be a silent world bereft of communication and understanding. Good enough, there are languages that can readily serve as means and avenues of communicating your thoughts and feelings with another person. Yet, language can also be the reason behind misunderstandings among people.

Despite the similarities in the physical features of different human races, most races and people have different and peculiar languages that often become the source of misunderstanding. A Russian, for example, would sometimes find it hard to communicate with a Chinese, and may misconstrue the body language of the other and vice versa. Hence, to prevent misunderstanding, the Russian has to learn chinese and know some rudimentary chinese lessons. Through fun and simplest way possible in learning Chinese, his perception towards Chinese language might change.

Language barriers often seem to separate and alienate people from each another. Likewise, languages sometimes cause differentiation and groupings that often hinder the peaceful coexistence and understanding between different people and races. Yet, if you are cognizant, for example, of different languages, you can easily serve as a bridge—a channel through which understanding can be established. For this reason, you will always find learning a second language valuable and instrumental to peaceful coexistence, especially, if you are frequently engaged in international travel. Moreover, if you got the uncanny skills of easily learning other languages, you will surely be highly sought after and highly admired by businesses as well as by other people.

Furthermore, with the onset of the World Wide Web, the world has greatly shrunk and has slowly become a global village, wherein distances are quickly bridged and linked by fast communication and transportation. A person, for example, in a far-flung island of the Pacific can readily communicate with someone situated in Europe. Likewise, friendships can easily blossom among distant people despite the geometric distance between them.

Additionally, the globalization process has greatly increased the demand for people who are more global in outlook and perspective; and surely if you are proficient in various languages, your perspective in life would tend to be global. The need for learning other languages moreover has even more become an imperative among people who want to go global, and if you are one of these people, you can greatly enhance your value as person by learning different languages.

Business owners—seeing the potential problem posed by language barrier—are often deterred from the idea of expanding to other countries that have different languages and cultures, for aside from the differences in business rules and cultures, the language barrier is indeed a huge snag in the smooth establishment and flourishing of a business in a foreign soil. To overcome this language barrier, business owners sometimes hire language interpreters. Likewise, sometimes these business owners even try to learn the rudiments of the native language of the country where they are establishing their businesses. Hence, the benefits of learning  business Chinese is tremendous if a he or she is serious in expanding internationally.

The demand for interpreters and bilingual people is all the more increasing, and this demand has really caused a spurt in the number of language schools and institutions that cater to the needs of those who would like to learn a second language. Moreover, online, people who are desirous of learning a second language can readily avail of online tutorials on any of the existing languages in the world. Online tutors, moreover, are raking in huge sums of money because of the growing demand for learning a second language. Lastly, globalization will indeed continue in the coming years, and concomitant with this globalization is the continuous increase in the demand for online tutors and language institutions.

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