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Benefits from Group Mandarin lessons:

Accredited Chinese course syllabus produced and imported from professional agencies in China.

Experienced teacher who are native Mandarin speakers and bilingual. (able to use proficient English to explain in class)

Our Mandarin teachers are all professionally trained and Applied Mandarin Linguistics Certified.

Our small Mandarin class size (4 to 6 people*) with a good teacher to students ratio. (greater attention is given to students for better result)

Interactive and dynamic way of learning Mandarin. (more role-play and practice in forming sentences)

Effective learning tools like Video Lessons & Audio CD have proven to yield better result when students review these before and after class.

Double learning support – other than course book, an e-copy of the work book will be provided to have more practice.

Dynamic learning tool 24/7 available includes course book & work-book, audio-CD, and in-house video lessons. Communicative teaching approach is used for all levels



Beginner 1 Weekday Morning Class 10:00am to 12:00pm for 10 lessons

Batch No. Start DateEnd DateFrequencyFee
11170717 Jul19 AugMon & Wed$550
11280828 Aug30 SepMon & Wed$550

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Beginner 1 Weekend Class for 10 lessons

Batch No. Start DateEnd DateFrequencyPhysical Class
14230623 Jun25 AugEvery Sun 1pm-3pm$550
143006*30 Jun01 SepEvery Sun 1pm-3pm$550
14270727 Jul28 SepEvery Sat 1pm-3pm$550
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Beginner 2 Weekend Group Class for 10 lessons

Batch No. Start DateEnd DateFrequencyFee
24080608 Jun10 AugEvery Sat 3.15-5.15pm$550
24140714 Jul15 SepEvery Sun 10am-12pm$550
24170817 Aug19 OctEvery Sat 10am-12pm$550

Lower Intermediate Level Group Class for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart Date End Date FrequencyFee
Thu Eve Class
33300530 May01 AugEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$550
33130613 Jun15 AugEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$550
33270627 Jun29 AugEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$550
33110711 Jul12 SepEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$550
33250725 Jul26 SepEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$550
Sat AM Class
34080608 Jun10 AugEvery Sat 10am-12pm$550
34220622 Jun24 AugEvery Sat 10am-12pm$550
34060706 Jul07 SepEvery Sat 10am-12pm$550
34200720 Jul21 SepEvery Sat 10am-12pm$550
Tue AM Class
31110611 Jun13 AugEvery Tue 10am-12pm$550
31250625 Jun27 AugEvery Tue 10am-12pm$550
31090709 Jul10 SepEvery Tue 10am-12pm$550
31230723 Jul24 SepEvery Tue 10am-12pm$550

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