Major Differences Between English and Mandarin


There’s a lot of misconception regarding the Chinese language. It has always been thought of as a subject that is so complicated to learn. Some people think they have to spend all their precious time to learn how to speak Mandarin, much less writing it.


Chinese mandarin doesn’t use alphabet. What they have is logographic system which is used in written language. This system use symbols that represent the words which means a single word is not written with letters unlike in the English language.

No gender forms, No tenses

Believe it or not, the Chinese language is similar to the English grammar in several ways. But some find it simpler than the English language. It’s because they do not have gender forms like the “he, she, it” and there is also no such thing as plural or singular. So, there is no need to memorize these forms. The form in Chinese never change as the pronunciation of character is permanent.

Tone or Phonology

There are four tones in the mandarin language excluding the neutral tone which is rarely used. These tones allow Chinese syllables to be enunciated in several ways to emphasize the 4 different meanings of the word being spoken. Unlike the English that use tones to express or stress emotions.

No cases, No articles

Articles such as “the, a, an” doesn’t have any equivalent in the Chinese language, neither the cases “he, him, or his.”

Deciding to Mandarin Classes

There are places where Chinese is spoken predominantly aside from China. Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are some of these. Schools have been offering Mandarin classes for many years now and so anyone can easily find a school to study the language stage by stage.

Just like any course in college, be it Nursing, Engineering, Dentistry, Architecture, Food and Beverage, Business Management, Tourism and so on, enrolling to a Mandarin Classes require time and focus. One can’t simply learn anything without both of these.

Deciding to learn Chinese in Singapore is a good indicator that one is an extreme observant of the world around him. But mind you, to study Mandarin is not just a trend, and one can’t complete the course without really knowing its real significance or reason behind learning this language.

To learn Chinese in Singapore is easy these days. There are a lot of schools offering full courses to become completely fluent in Mandarin.

At first, it may be a little too complicated to learn the language but when one knows how and when to begin, it wouldn’t be that difficult at all.

What’s so amazing about learning mandarin or any language, for that matter is that it allows anyone to communicate well in a language that seemed to be so unfamiliar at first.  In other words, it can boost anyone’s self-confidence. Just imagine being in a restaurant reading a menu in this language and ordering it in prefect mandarin to the Chinese server. Wouldn’t that be an astonishing thing?

An individual doesn’t have to be a master in this language for him to be understood well. Of course, that takes time. But the advantages of learning Mandarin are overflowing.

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