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Linda Mandarin provides a broad range of fully customised Chinese classes/ courses in Singapore to fulfil the requirements of all potential customers and clients. From a group of friends that want to study together or a new working professional that needs to learn Chinese, we will try our best to meet your needs. Linda Mandarin is committed to helping our students have the best possible experience when learning Chinese.

Our Mandarin classes are not only effective and flexible, but they are also enjoyable and mentally stimulating. Instead of using the usual methods of teaching Chinese, we employ proven techniques that will help you progress even faster. You can take part in role-play sessions that will help to develop your Chinese communication skills. Our team of tutors and instructors are experienced and highly qualified, with many that graduated from leading universities around the world. They hold renowned and internationally recognised degrees on a range of subjects like Accounting, Applied Linguistics, Chinese Literature, International Business and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. All of our instructors are also remarkably proficient in both English and Mandarin language, enabling them to conduct the lessons smoothly and fluently without any information being lost in translation. You will not have to be concerned about being lost during the lesson, as the teachers will expertly guide you along. With their experience and skills, attending our Chinese lessons will be exceptionally beneficial for you in your journey to learning the Mandarin language in Singapore.

Chinese Placement Test
Chinese Placement Test

Welcome to Linda Mandarin Chinese language assessment page We have made Chinese language placement test available for you, all you...


Our classes are designed and tailor-made based on our students’ suggestions to ensure that everyone receives the assistance they require. We focus on developing both verbal communicative skills as well as the written skills in the Chinese language. To ensure that our students receive a holistic education, we teach them Chinese history and culture as well. Those in the business industry will find our lessons extremely helpful in helping them to communicate with Chinese partners or clients. Apart from basic conversational Chinese skills, you can learn more technical terms that are commonly used in the business industry. Learning the technical terms is essential, as it will help to prevent any miscommunication that may strain business relationships. By knowing how to communicate more accurately in Chinese, it will be easier for you to achieve your business goals.

From individual that are interested to corporate workers looking to learn Business Chinese, Linda Mandarin is the resounding answer to all your Mandarin language needs in Singapore! Learning another language does not have to be tedious or difficult when you have experienced teachers helping you. Contact us today at 62647343 / 92992356 for more information on our Business Chinese courses.

Learn Business Chinese | Business Mandarin Class Singapore

Schedule & Fees
Schedule & Fees

Linda Mandarin Chinese Class schedule are well-planned in such a way to cater to our students preferred schedule

Design Course
Course Design

Throughout the Chinese lessons, learners wil focus on communication skills through role-play, real world activities to achieve the goal...

Course Levels
Course Levels

Our classes are divided into three major levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced. This allows us to tailor make our classes...

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