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Linda Mandarin offers an array of fully customisable Chinese courses to fulfil the demands of potential learners – clients and customers alike. Whether you’re a group of friends that wish to study the language together or a new working professional who needs to master Mandarin, our teachers are here to meet all of your needs. Here at Linda Mandarin, our team is committed to providing our students with the best possible experience in learning Chinese.

Apart from being flexible and effective, our Mandarin courses are also mentally stimulating and enjoyed by many of our students. We go beyond the usual methods of teaching Mandarin, employing innovative, proven techniques to speed up your learning process. For instance, take part in our role-playing sessions that elevate your communication skills quickly.

Led by a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors, many of whom graduated from various leading worldwide, these tutors hold internationally recognised degrees, some of which are in Chinese Literature, Applied Linguistics, International Business, Accounting and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign language. All of our instructors are extremely proficient in Mandarin and English. They organise the classes smoothly and teach fluently, not leaving any information lost in translation. Rest assured that our professional teachers have the skills and experience to offer you Chinese lessons that will be incredibly beneficial for your Mandarin language journey in Singapore.

Our team of tutors and instructors are experienced and highly qualified, with many that graduated from leading universities around the world. They hold renowned and internationally recognised degrees on a range of subjects like Accounting, Applied Linguistics, Chinese Literature, International Business and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. All of our instructors are also remarkably proficient in both English and Mandarin language, enabling them to conduct the lessons smoothly and fluently without any information being lost in translation. You will not have to be concerned about being lost during the lesson, as the teachers will expertly guide you along. With their experience and skills, attending our Chinese lessons will be exceptionally beneficial for you in your journey to learning the Mandarin language in Singapore.

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Our courses are tailored to our own students’ suggestions – ensuring that all students receive the assistance they need for optimal learning. Apart from focusing on written and verbal communicative skills in the language, our school teaches Chinese culture and history for a holistic education.

Professionals in the business industry are sure to find our classes extremely useful in communicating with Chinese clients or partners. As a student, you stand to learn basic conversational skills in Chinese and more technical terms commonly used in the business industry – especially crucial to avoid miscommunications that could affect professional relationships. In the long term, communicating effectively in Mandarin can allow you to attain your business goals.

Whether you’re an individual or a corporate worker keen on learning business Chinese, we are your one-stop for all your Chinese language needs here in Singapore! With our leading teachers, learning Mandarin is no longer a tedious journey. Drop us a call at 62647343 or Whatsapp us at 92992356 today to learn more about Linda Mandarin’s Business Chinese courses.

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What is the best Chinese dialect to learn for business?
The top two Chinese dialects to learn for business use are Mandarin and Cantonese. Between the two, it’s debatable which is the better dialect to learn for business use. While Mandarin has a larger number of speakers globally, Hong Kong has been growing as a popular centre for global businesses. If you’re looking at expanding your operations to Hong Kong or finding a job there, it might be better to pick up Cantonese – the primary language of communication in Hong Kong.
Why is learning Mandarin a good investment?

Apart from having over a billion speakers in the world, Mandarin is said to have one of the largest purchasing powers worldwide. In Singapore, Mandarin has become one of the key languages to use in business. Additionally, both in and beyond Singapore, Chinese investors have been expanding their businesses across the globe. As such, learning Mandarin opens many doors in terms of business and career opportunities.

How long does it take to learn Chinese for business?

To attain a minimal level of professional proficiency in Chinese, it can take at least 3-6 months with weekly practises in the language. But, to best grasp the language and communicate in it seamlessly for business, it can take about 2,000 hours to reach the level of business proficiency in Chinese.

How can I learn business Chinese?

The most efficient way of picking up business Chinese would be to enrol in a professional language course that is led by native Chinese speakers. Beyond the written and spoken language, these qualified teachers offer you insights into the Chinese culture, helpful for sensible business interactions. Moreover, as the Chinese business culture is highly dependent on good relationships between clients and partners, these insights would be most beneficial.

What are some ways to speed up learning business Chinese?

To complement your professional business Chinese classes, some other daily activities you can do to practise what you have learnt in class are: immersing in Chinese media, reading a variety of Chinese books, finding a partner to converse with regularly and switching the default language on your phone to Chinese.