Course Design

Chinese Mandarin Tuition In Singapore

1. A balance between Daily Conversation and Written Chinese Language

Throughout the Chinese lessons, learners will focus on communication skills through role-plays, real-world activities to achieve the goals in communicating freely in daily conversation while developing their reading and writing skills in a natural way.

2. A balance of focus on Chinese language and Chinese culture

Our Chinese lesson provides ample opportunities for the Mandarin course learners to experience the language and its culture develop intercultural awareness and enrich their personal experience.

3. A balance between Language Knowledge and Communication Skills

Explicit knowledge of Chinese language is necessary and important for learners to achieve accuracy, fluency, and overall communication skills. The Mandarin courses are designed to ensure that knowledge-based language learning is placed within a communicative context.

The courses cover:

  1. Pinyin is introduced to the learners from the very beginning of courses. The accuracy of pronunciation is developed with the communication skills all through the courses.
  2. Chinese characters are taught according to the character formation system. Once the learners have a good grasp of radicals and simple characters, they will be able to analyze most of the compound characters they encounter and to memorize new characters in a logical way.
  3. Listening and speaking are practised in situations with the demonstration of the trainers with various ways of a classroom setting and real-world activities.
  4. Reading and writing skills are developed through regular reading of simple passages to suit learner’s proficiency level. Steadily, they will develop these skills and confidence when reading newspaper, magazine, watching movies expand their vocabulary and knowledge of modern Chinese.
  5. Grammar and Structure, same as pinyin and Chinese characters, will be introduced into the lessons by oral practice.

Linda Mandarin Video Lesson Examples