Linda Mandarin Chinese Class schedules are well-planned in such a way to cater to our private & group class students’ available schedule.

Use the below table for Online Fee Payment using PayPal account Check-out or Credit Cards

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Conversational Chinese Material Fee $50 + Processing Fee $2


Mandarin Private Class $1500 + Processing Fee $60


Mandarin Group Class $580 + Processing Fee $25


Business Chinese Private Class $1700 + Processing Fee $70


Business Chinese Material Fee $80 + Processing Fee $4


For Private Class, after the first lesson, students and teacher can mutually agree and arrange the remaining Mandarin lessons in Singapore.By doing so, our students do not have to commit to a regular Mandarin Class Schedule and thus offering total flexibility for all Chinese Class Scheduling.


  • Students can start any time of the year as long as they are ready for the Mandarin language training.
  • Free Trial Class can be conducted with tailored made syllabus for specific needs.
  • Class time can be from 8 am to 9 pm during Monday to Sunday & recommended class time is 2 hours per session.
  • Mandarin classes venue can be arranged in Singapore, at Student’s office / home or our school.
  • Each package consist of 10 lessons with 2 hours each session, total 20 hours of training.
  • Chinese teaching hourly rate is
    •  1-2pax @ $75/hr ($1,500)
    •  3pax    @ $80/hr ($1,600)
    •  4pax    @ $90/hr ($1,800)
    •  5pax    @ $100/hr ($2,000) ~ ask for more quotation for 5pax and above
  • Chinese courses of 20hrs can be completed within a duration of 5 months with face-to-face Mandarin Language teaching.
  • Materials fee applicable including course book + work book + Audio CDs (over 60 mp3 sound track of sentences) + Video Lessons (over 40 videos).
  • Payment can be made via Online Credit Card (Paypal), Cash, NETs, Bank Transfer or Cheque payable to Linda Mandarin.

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Take a look at our current and following monthly group classes at our centre and contact us for more information.

Beginner 1 Weekday Morning Class 10:00am to 12:00pm for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequencyFee
11070807-Aug-1809-Oct-18Every Tuesday$580
11290829-Aug-1831-Oct-18Every Wednesday$580
11140914-Sep-1816-Nov-18Every Friday$580
(06/11 PH No Class)
04-Dec-18Every Tuesday$580
11101010-Oct-1812-Dec-18Every Wednesday$580
11251025-Oct-1827-Dec-18Every Thursday$580
(24/12 & 31/12 PH No Class)
28-Jan-19Every Monday$580
11281128-Nov-1830-Jan-19Every Wednesday$580
11131213-Dec-1814-Feb-19Every Thursday$580

Beginner 1 Weekday Afternoon Class 1:00pm to 3:00pm for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart DateEnd Date Frequency Fee
12220822-Aug-1824-Oct-18Every Wednesday$580
12210921-Sep-1823-Nov-18Every Friday$580
12221022-Oct-1824-Dec-18Every Monday$580
(25/12, 01/01 & 05/02 PH No Class)
12-Feb-19Every Tuesday$580
12201220-Dec-1821-Feb-19Every Thursday$580

Beginner 1 Weekday Evening Class 7:00pm to 9:00pm for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequencyFee
13130813-Aug-1815-Oct-18Every Monday$580
13300830-Aug-1801-Nov-18Every Thursday$580
(06/11 PH No Class)
Every Tuesday$580
28-Nov-18Every Wednesday$580
13081008-Oct-1810-Dec-18Every Monday$580
13251025-Oct-1827-Dec-18Every Thursday$580
(25/12, 01/01 PH No Class)
Every Tuesday$580
30-Jan-19Every Wednesday$580
(24/12, 31/12 No Class)
25-Feb-19Every Monday$580
13271227-Dec-1828-Feb-19Every Thursday$580

Beginner 1 Daily Class 10:00am to 12:00pm for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequencyFee
15060806-Aug-1817-Aug-18Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580
15200820-Aug-1831-Aug-18Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580
15030903-Sep-1814-Sep-18Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580
15170917-Sep-1828-Sep-18Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580
15011001-Oct-1812-Oct-18Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580
15151015-Oct-1826-Oct-18Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580
15291029-Oct-1809-Nov-18Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580
15121112-Nov-1823-Nov-18Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580
15261126-Nov-1807-Dec-18Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580
15101210-Dec-1821-Dec-18Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580
15241224-Dec-1804-Jan-19Daily Class Mon to Fri 10am – 12pm$580

Beginner 1 Weekend Class for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequencyFee
14040804-Aug-1813-Oct-18Every Sat 10am-12pm$580
14190819-Aug-1821-Oct-18Every Sun 10am-12pm$580
14010901-Sep-1803-Nov-18Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
14160916-Sep-1818-Nov-18Every Sun 2pm-4pm$580
14061006-Oct-1808-Dec-18Every Sat 10am-12pm$580
14211021-Oct-1823-Dec-18Every Sun 10am-12pm$580
14101110-Nov-1812-Jan-19Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
14251125-Nov-1827-Jan-19Every Sun 2pm-4pm$580
14151215-Dec-1816-Feb-19Every Sat 10am-12pm$580
14301230-Dec-1803-Mar-19Every Sun 10am-12pm$580

Beginner 1 Holiday Block Class

Batch NoStart Date End Date FrequencyFee
19090809-Aug-1812-Aug-184 Days Course 5hrs/day
(10am to 4pm)
19031103-Nov-1806-Nov-184 Days Course 5hrs/day
(10am to 4pm)
19221222-Dec-1825-Dec-184 Days Course 5hrs/day
(10am to 4pm)
19291229-Dec-1801-Jan-194 Days Course 5hrs/day
(10am to 4pm)



Venue: 137 Cecil Street, Hengda Building 7th Floor, Singapore 069537

  • Group course duration: 20hrs for 10 lessons 2hrs each, over 10 weeks (for weekly classes) or 10 days (for intensive daily classes)
  • Material cost: $50 per student (including Coursebook & E-Workbook, Audio files, Video lessons and Custom-made syllabus)
  • Group Class size 4-6pax* good teacher to student ratio.
  • More role-play and practical exchanged with Interactive and Dynamic way of learning Chinese.
  • Recorded class videos which students use as support before & after Chinese class.
  • Payment can be made via Cash, NETs, Bank Transfer or Cheque payable to Linda Mandarin.



  • Option 1: To have 1.5 hours / day Monday-Friday
  • Option 2: To have 2 hours/ day Monday-Friday
  • Option 3: To have 3 hours in the morning and/or 3 hours in the afternoon, 1-2 week to complete each level.
  • Similar Private or Group Tuition rate applies


  • Class Schedule can be made according to student’s request.
  • Similar Private or Group Tuition rate applies
  • Student will be recommend the right level of Mandarin learning.


  • Every enrolment Mandarin study consists of 10 Chinese lessons 2 hours each.
    • Beginner Stage (Level 1, 2 or 3)
    • Intermediate Stage (Level 1, 2, or 3)
    • Advanced Stage (level 1 or 2)
    • HSK Exam preparation course
    • IB Chinese / IGCSE course
    • Business Chinese

Below are some sample of our Mandarin Course video lessons to support your Chinese learning with us.

Hurry send us your enquiry now and attend our trial class

beginner-1-4-images-300x225          beginner-1-12-images-300x225