Most Useful Languages in the Business World

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Today’s world is more connected than ever. Everything from business, entertainment and communication is carried out on a global level. Now, this opens up exciting business opportunities for professionals, entrepreneurs, and artists. However, if you wish to take complete advantage of globalisation, you should learn at least Chinese, one of the most useful languages of the business world. However, Chinese is not the only language that will enhance your value in the professional field. Here’s a list of the top business languages across the world:

Around 570 million people across the globe speak Spanish and the language is considered extremely easy to learn, especially for English speakers. If your company has business dealings with the US or South American nations, learning Spanish will come in handy. Even though there’s no dearth of Mandarin courses in Singapore, Spanish courses are equally popular among foreign language learners. There’s absolutely no doubt that learning a popular language like Spanish will help you in forging long-term business relationships with clients across the world.

If you’re thinking of attending a mandarin course in singapore, such as a business chinese course, don’t hesitate and join at once because this is one of the most popular business languages in the world. The total number of native speakers of Mandarin around the world is 1.05 billion. However, this is one of the most difficult languages to learn if you’re only fluent in English. Thus, you’ll have to pay special attention while learning this language. China is one of the largest exporters of manufactured goods in the world and you’ll certainly enjoy an edge while learning this language.

With around 210 million speakers around the world, this is certainly one of the most popular languages of the business world. If you’re nearly done with Singapore business Chinese, you can opt for Portuguese learning courses – it’s an easy language to learn. Portuguese might never match Spanish in terms of popularity but if you’re dealing with customers or business associates who speak this beautiful language then you can go ahead and enrol for Portuguese language courses.


Russia has always been one of the biggest economic powers of the world and if you wish to expand your contacts beyond the Ural Mountains, learning Russian language is your best bet. Get along smoothly with your new customers and business acquaintances by learning a language that’s spoken by over 160 million people.

If you’re good with written and spoken English then learning French won’t be an issue at all. Just like you attended Mandarin classes, you can also attend French classes in Singapore.

Business in Middle Eastern countries is booming and you should learn Arabic to deal with customers or business associates from that region. It’s an easy and interesting language to learn and you’ll find many Arabic courses in Singapore.  

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