Our Awards and Recognitions

Linda Mandarin is proud to receive the below awards in recognition of our quality language courses.

Linda Mandarin Award Photo 2018

In recognition of our school (Linda Mandarin) and group (Learning Explorer) successes

2019 / 2020
Business Trust Award 2019/2020 ~ Demonstrating exemplary good business practices and a commitment to trade fairly & honest


2018 / 2019
Singapore Business Brilliance Achievement of the Year valued recipient for Successful Entrepreneur Award 2018/2019 (Learning Explorer)


2017 / 2018
linda mandarin singapore business luminary award 2017 / 2018 Learning Explorer Singapore Business Luminary Award 2017 2018

The Singapore’s Business Luminary represents the business elites & self-determined organisation thrives due to their business acumen. This focus is to honour their remarkable achievements while those distinguishing themselves for their effort at both organizational and national level.
In proud recognition of their honourable qualities and skills ability, these praiseworthy entrepreneurs and business elites will represent as role models for our promising young Singaporeans to emulate and inspire them in the aim to becoming entrepreneurs and business leaders of tomorrow.

Some of our past awards

Linda Mandarin Asia Top 80 Achiever Awards 2016 lm-top-80-asia-brand-90-212x300

2016 ~ Top Asia 80 Brand Award for Language Training

Linda Mandarin Top 100 Singapore Excellence Awawrd 2015               learn-chinese-singapore-award

2015 ~ Singapore Excellence Award for Language Teaching