Overcoming The Plateau: How To Progress With Your Mandarin

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Learning plateau is a phase that almost every Chinese language learner reaches at least once in their journey to fluency. At this stage, you might notice your progress has drastically slowed or halted, leading to your motivation running slow and making your current study regimen feel stale.

But rest assured, reaching this stage doesn’t mean that Mandarin isn’t right for you. It’s just a natural phenomenon that occurs as you learn more about the language and reach an intermediate level of proficiency. Instead, use these three tips to overcome your learning plateau and help you get out of the learning rut.

Redefine and set goals

Reaching a plateau in your Mandarin studies is a minor issue that needs to be addressed quickly. To effectively continue your learning progress, it’s recommended to reevaluate your goals in the long and short term.

Reminding yourself why you started learning Chinese in the first place will provide you with some much-needed motivation to get out of your current slump and allow you to set new and helpful short-term goals.

When coming up with fresh objectives, it’s best to base them on your present skill level and keep them realistic. Setting goals that are too difficult to achieve within a short period might do more harm than good. As such, try to strike a balance between challenge and achievability; you’ll be quick to set short-term goals that can spell an end to your learning plateau.

Look for more authentic material and study resources

Typically, students will be using beginner resources up until they reach the plateau stage. Since these resources are usually simplified for beginners but are undoubtedly vital to understanding basic concepts and foundations, relying on them won’t do much to aid your advancement in the language.

To take your next step towards fluency, you’ll need to upgrade your resources and use more authentic material. Authentic material comes in various forms, and it can be difficult to find them if you don’t know what you’re looking for just yet.

Taking Chinese courses in Singapore is the most efficient way to get these materials, since these courses offer you up-to-date instruction and relevant study resources. Add on the fact that you’ll be under the tutelage of native Chinese instructors, you’ll hardly find anything more authentic to boost your studies or even ace the HSK test in Singapore into the process.

Change the pace and try new learning methods

One of the possible reasons for your plateau is that your current learning methods no longer seem interesting, challenging, or rewarding to you. If that’s the case, then it’s best to shake things up and switch gears to reinvigorate your learning spirit.

Dabbling into more creative learning methods is a fun and excellent approach to make your Chinese language studies exciting again. However, no matter which approach you take, remind yourself that your main focus is to switch things up by trying something different.

Give it a go at writing short stories in Chinese, playing around with cultural idioms as well as expanding your vocabulary, or testing your pronunciation with tongue twisters – these are a couple of things you can try to inject more fun in the learning process.


Noticing that your progress in learning Mandarin has plateaued can certainly be disheartening at the start. Nonetheless, keep in mind that it’s only a phase, and with a bit of change to your study regiment, you’ll soon be back on track towards attaining complete Mandarin proficiency!

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