Zhang Yingming


Experience: 8 Years

Yingming obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English and continued to complete her Master degree in Applied Linguistics Major in Chinese Teaching, at NTU Singapore. She started her Chinese teaching to Westerners during her college time and continued in Singapore.


Yingming has an outgoing personality. She always wants to help the learners fulfil their language learning objectives, in the meantime, bearing the learners’ needs in mind during their Mandarin learning process. Being an enthusiastic and patient teacher with excellent up-to-date dynamic teaching methods, she is quite popular among her students. She has a good understanding of the problems the students face. Also, while pursuing her Master’s degree, she gained a very good understanding of Chinese history, cultural and literature, which she shares a lot with her students along the Chinese language learning.


Conversational Chinese

Business Chinese

Kids Chinese

HSK Chinese

IB Chinese