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Our Business Chinese course is a comprehensive course aiming to improve the communicative and presentation skills for Business Chinese learners. The course suits the needs of those who have attained a certain level of basic conversational skills and wished to improve their business Mandarin language.

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Our Business Chinese course caters for learners in business communication activities, emphasizing the combination of special knowledge, working skills and language basics. The training is divided into communication and presentation skills including listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students learn through learning tasks including role-plays, topic discussion, chart description, presentations, debate, etc.

In the process of learning business knowledge, both social exchanges and hot topics are included such as formal business meetings, business negotiations, trade procedures, product & service presentation, corporate management and culture, customer service analysis, foreign investment, market research, business marketing and advertising, corporate decision making process, financing, etc.

To match all business Chinese Mandarin learning requirements in class, we have also included some real business discussion, graph charts, formal contracts, candidate resumes, advertisements, tendering procedures, agency agreement, questionnaires and much more.

Here are some benefits

  • Customised Business Chinese course syllabus caters for individual learning requirements.
  • Dedicated Native Mandarin trainer with relevant working experience to complete the course with you.
  • Course syllabus produced by Accredited Professional bodies Hanban China and used by Business Chinese official in China.
  • 24/7 learning tools available like Audio CDs, Video lessons and tutor support.


SkillsFuture Credit-eligible Courses for Singaporean age 25yrs old and above.

Business Chinese Private class – flexible schedule

For S$1,700, you will have a one to one tailored-made Business Chinese learning with our Native Chinese teacher. The package consists of 10 lessons at 2hrs each; we will customise the training accordingly to student’s profession and industry needs. Students can choose their date, time and venue for the class.

One-time Registration fee of $50 per student is applicable.
Material fee per student is range from $50 ~ $80.

Private one to one Business Mandarin Trial class can be arranged at $90/hour

Below is the Business Mandarin Group Class Schedule and you can also book your group trial class with the below ticket

Business Mandarin Evening Group Class for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart Date End Date FrequencyFee

13-May-19Every Mon 7pm-9pm$580
(20/05 No Class)
03-Jun-19Every Mon 7pm-9pm$580
(20/05 No Class)
17-Jun-19Every Mon 7pm-9pm$580
(20/05 No Class)
01-Jul-19Every Mon 7pm-9pm$580
(20/05 No Class)
15-Jul-19Every Mon 7pm-9pm$580
93270527-May-1929-Jul-19Every Mon 7pm-9pm$580
(12/08 No Class)
19-Aug-19Every Mon 7pm-9pm$580
(12/08 No Class)
02-Sep-19Every Mon 7pm-9pm$580
(12/08 No Class)
16-Sep-19Every Mon 7pm-9pm$580
(12/08 No Class)
30-Sep-19Every Mon 7pm-9pm$580
(12/08 No Class)
14-Oct-19Every Mon 7pm-9pm$580
21-Oct-19Every Mon 7pm-9pm$580

Business Mandarin Weekday Evening Group Class (10 lessons)

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequency Fee
93120312-Mar-1914-May-19Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580
93260326-Mar-1926-May-19Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580
11-Jun-19Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580
93230423-Apr-1925-Jun-19Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580
93070507-May-1909-Jul-19Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580
93210521-May-1923-Jul-19Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580
93040604-Jun-1906-Aug-19Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580
93180618-Jun-1920-Aug-19Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580
93020702-Jul-1903-Sep-19Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580
93160716-Jul-1917-Sep-19Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580
93300730-Jul-1901-Oct-19Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580
93130813-Aug-1915-Oct-19Every Tue 7pm-9pm$580

Business Mandarin Weekend Group Class (10 lessons)

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequency Fee
94020302-Mar-1904-May-19Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
94160316-Mar-1918-May-19Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
94300330-Mar-1901-Jun-19Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
94130413-Apr-1915-Jun-19Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
94270427-Apr-1929-Jun-19Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
94110511-May-1913-Jul-19Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
94250525-May-1927-Jul-19Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
94080608-Jun-1910-Aug-19Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
94220622-Jun-1924-Aug-19Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
94060706-Jul-1907-Sep-19Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
94200720-Jul-1921-Sep-19Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
94030803-Aug-1905-Oct-19Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
94170817-Aug-1919-Oct-19Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580

Business Mandarin 1-Day Course

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequency Fee / student
91310331-Mar-1931-Mar-19Sun 10am-6pm$340
91280428-Apr-1928-Apr-19Sun 10am-6pm$340
91260526-May-1926-May-19Sun 10am-6pm$340
91300630-Jun-1930-Jun-19Sun 10am-6pm$340
91280728-Jul-1928-Jul-19Sun 10am-6pm$340


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Learning Topics are:

  • Social Gathering and Formal Business Meetings



  • Corporate Gifts and Culture


  • Business Negotiations & Corporate Entertainment


  • Corporate Payment & Bill


  • Business Claims & Processing Documents


  • Business Appointments & Company Visits


  • Corporate Task Analysis & Marketing Research


  • Business Trip Scheduling & Employment Interview


  • Business Marketing & Visits


  • Company Introduction & Culture


  • Product & Services Presentations



  • Promotions & Advertisements


  • Customer Service Analysis & Feedback Gathering


  • Product & Service Appraisal


  • Formal Corporate Quotations Preparation


  • Products & Services Delivery and Logistics


  • Method of Payment & Foreign Investment in China


  • Formal Corporate Request & Rejections


  • Corporate Management & Decision-making Process in China


  • Formal Contract & Obligations


Besides the set-up courses, we can design tailor-made business course content to cater to clients industry and profession in specific business Chinese Mandarin contexts. For example, an HR professional working in Banking & Finance industry, we will customized the course towards the needs of Human Resource and Banking & Finance industry.




Right now, we have a team of 35 trainers who are all native Chinese speakers from mainland China with fluent English and abundant experience in teaching locals and expatriates Chinese using our well-developed methodology.

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“As I searched for Business Chinese course providers available in the market, I wanted a flexible and personalized programme that could focus on sales and marketing conversations in Mandarin that was directly relevant to my company’s services and industry. When I found Linda Mandarin online, Linda promptly responded to my query, and even met with me beforehand to discuss my requirements and show me sample course material that she had prepared which was tailored to my concerns. The one-on-one format of 2-hour weekly lessons, at a time and venue of my preference, further made Linda Mandarin the right choice.”

Christine Ho

M Moser Associates

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