Children Mandarin Course

Children Mandarin Course

We Turn Children Into Self-Motivated Learners


Learning the Chinese language is easier for children to pick up as compared to adults, due to the way their mental functions work. Young minds are able to grasp new information and understand quicker and ultimately learn a completely foreign language efficiently and more effectively.


At Linda Mandarin, we encourage children to discover the love of Mandarin learning, their natural curiosity and direct them towards school subjects grade improvement. We offer fun conversational Mandarin classes for kids to boost their understanding of the Chinese language, love for the language, both spoken and written. Through lesson transcripts, exercise worksheets, online exercises and role-playing sessions, we can provide a conducive and homogeneous environment for children to learn Chinese.


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For children to learn Mandarin, the transfer of education to an everyday practical application is an integral part of their learning process. Thus, we work on their thinking skills as well as their confidence levels and daily application skills of the language through methods such as role-play and conversation.


Mandarin Play Lessons (1 to 4 years old)


For young minds at this age who grasp pronunciations as native speakers easily and take in all information around like a sponge, private one-on-one play lesson (recommended) is an ideal introduction to Mandarin. They learn through playing and interaction. The teacher will conduct lessons in full Mandarin with pictures, real objects, gestures, demonstrations and fun games.


Mandarin Lessons for kids (5 to 10 years old)


Our Chinese language for kids is designed for children who are beginners or new to the language, with lessons to build a solid foundation for learning Chinese. The class will emphasise the development of communication skills in speaking and listening, as well as teach students to recognise and write Chinese characters.


These young students will learn simple daily mandarin topics such as colours, numbers, self-introductions, greetings, and much more. Teachers will incorporate the use of pictures, flashcards and real-life objects including fun games and activities in the lessons. After completing the 3 levels, students will be able to read and write 50 characters and 300 words.


Mandarin for children or teenagers (11 to 18 years old)


The private course is designed for teens with different proficiency levels and backgrounds, such as beginners or those who have experience in learning Chinese language. After completing each level, students will acquire a vocabulary of an estimated 200 Chinese characters and boost their confidence in using Chinese to communicate orally and in written forms.


Some benefits you can expect:


  • An assigned dedicated, professional native mandarin trainer to guide and complete the course with you.
  • Customised course syllabus catered to kids’ learning requirements.
  • The student can plan classes with total flexibility in scheduling without missing any lesson.
  • Course syllabus produced by Accredited Professional bodies in China.
  • 24/7 learning tools available like Audio CDs, Video lessons and tutor support.


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Mandarin Learning For Children


Kids Chinese Mandarin Tuition Fees


Mandarin Play | Mandarin Kids | Mandarin Teenagers


PHYSICAL Face to Face: Private lessons for 1 kid to 2 kids Course Fee is $1,500 for 10 sessions 2hrs each | $800 for 5 sessions 2hrs each


ONLINE LESSONS ~ Private class for 1 to 2 kids, Course Fee is $1,300 for 10 sessions 2hrs each | $700 for 5 sessions 2hrs each


One-time Course Registration fee of $50 per student


Course Material Fee per level of $50 per student.


Trial Class is available so Sign up for our Kids Chinese Language course now!


Children Chinese Courses | Mandarin Class Lessons For Kids

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