Chinese Han Yu Pin Yin Course

Chinese Mandarin Hanyu Pinyin Course

Hanyu Pinyin, or Pinyin, is the Romanized pronunciation system for standard Chinese – Mandarin. It’s widely used to learn Mandarin, which is written by Chinese characters. Pinyin helps Mandarin learners improve their pronunciation accuracy, speak and understand the Mandarin language more effectively, gain the ability to read and type Chinese characters.

The aim of this course:


Linda Mandarin offers Chinese Mandarin Hanyu Pinyin Course to build up your Chinese language foundation in Pinyin of Mandarin learning. You will learn the pronunciation system of pinyin, how to pronounce Mandarin tones accurately, type Pinyin by computer or smartphone, and look up characters in a dictionary.


Our Trainer:


Our Hanyu Pinyin trainers are all Chinese native speakers holding Standard Mandarin Proficiency Certificate. They are from northern China where Mandarin is widely used.


Benefits from Private Mandarin Lessons:


  • Accredited Chinese course syllabus produced by professional agencies Hanban in China and aligned with international HSK Test standard
  • Experienced teacher who are native Mandarin speakers and bilingual. (able to use proficient English to explain in class)
  • Our Mandarin teachers are all professionally trained and Applied Mandarin Linguistics Certified.
  • Our Private Class offers great flexibility in scheduling with No Lessons missed. (Choose your date, time and venue for class)
  • Effective learning tools like fully recorded class Video & Audio have proven to yield a much better result when students review these before and after class.



Total 8 hours, 4 sessions of 2 hours each, one session per week.

Private Class course fee is $600 including course material for an 8-hour package

One-time Registration Fee per student $50 applicable

For Group Class, please refer to the below

Mandarin Hanyu Pinyin Class

Batch NoStart DateEnd Date Frequency Fee
14281128 Nov19 DecEvery Sat 4pm-6pm$240