Corporate Chinese Mandarin Training

Corporate Chinese Mandarin Learning

We provide corporate Mandarin training and Chinese culture training to our clients including MNCs, government organizations, foreign embassy, international schools, and various other companies & Small and Medium-size organizations.


We help them to achieve their corporate mandarin training objectives by providing top quality corporate Chinese training services and tailor-made Mandarin courses to meet their specific needs according to different Industries and Professions.


We take care of all aspects of the training process so that corporate clients become effective and efficient in their job with a great amount of saving in time and cost. These including assessment for participants to identify the right entry level to our courses, provide progression and end of course report and not forgetting our after-course service whereby our trainers would be glad to assist.


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Our Professional Services to Corporate Clients includes:


  1. Flexible Class Scheduling: in this corporate mandarin class, you will enjoy total flexibility in deciding the Chinese class dates, timing and venue for all Chinese lessons.
  2. Customized Course Materials: The structured Mandarin class program can be customized according to your learning needs both for Social and Business purpose. We help you to achieve higher proficiency and be able to use Business Mandarin in your work.
  3. Learning Needs Analysis: We help you to identify your Mandarin language training needs and provide relevant consultation on the training solutions with the proven method and teaching methodology required.
  4. Staffs Mandarin Assessment: We provide an assessment to staffs who have Mandarin learning before, so as to identify their existing Chinese language proficiency and recommend the suitable Chinese courses level to start with.
  5. Progression Report: We provide an extensive progression report for every participant in our Mandarin Chinese course, including the Chinese class attendance records, the level of attainment, End of course Test, Certificates of completion and recommendations for next level of relevant Chinese language training.
  6. Native Mandarin Trainers: Our teachers have vast experience working in MNCs in China and thus able to bring this expertise and knowledge to share with you


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Corporate Mandarin Training


  • Students can start any time of the year as long as they are ready for the Mandarin language training.
  • Free Trial Class can be conducted for Corporate Clients and recommend a lesson plan tailored made for specific industry needs.
  • Class time can be from 8 am to 9 pm from Monday to Sunday.
  • Mandarin classes venue can be arranged in Singapore, at the Student’s office / Home or our training centre.
  • Each package recommended for 10 lessons of 2hrs each, a total 20 hours of Mandarin training.
  • Chinese tuition rate $75/hr (1-2pax), $90/hr (3pax), $105/hr (4pax), $115/hr (5pax), contact us for more quotation.
  • Chinese courses can be customised for 20hrs, 30hrs or 40hrs with face-to-face classroom Mandarin Language training.
  • Materials fee per student of $50 is applicable, including coursebook + e-workbook + Audio files (over 60 mp3 soundtrack of sentences) + Teaching Video Lessons + Class Recorded Videos (over 30 videos).
  • Payment can be made via Credit Card, Cash, NETs, Bank Transfer, PayNow or Cheque payable to Linda Mandarin.


The quotation will be provided upon request based on training hours and the number of participants attending the course.