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Translated as Chinese Proficiency Test, the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) stands as China’s sole national standardized test to examine the Chinese proficiency levels of non-native speakers (this includes international students and Chinese nationals living out of China).


Developed by the HSK Center at the Beijing Language and Culture University, the HSK certificate reflects a learner’s Chinese competency. This standardized proficiency test is recognized internationally and adopted by educational institutions for admissions and other employment opportunities. Those holding the certificate can also gauge and understand their Mandarin proficiency for daily use.


HSK standardized tests are conducted yearly and administered by Hanban, the public institution closely affiliated with the Ministry of Education in China. Upon obtaining the required scores, the institution proceeds to issue the respective HSK certificates.


Here at Linda Mandarin, to prepare students for the HSK examination in Singapore, we have curated a specialized course that offers learners opportunities to practice and improve their Chinese language skills. Across the various components of writing, reading, speaking and listening, students will become more familiar with the HSK test format, knowing how to adopt exam strategies to excel in the test.


An analysis is first done to determine the learner’s current Chinese level of proficiency. We will then proceed to recommend the suitable Mandarin class for your preparatory course for the HSK test. In this way, we ensure that all students can meet their individual learning needs and objectives – allowing you to benefit from our courses fully.


Our Private HSK Preparation course is priced at S$800/package. This package includes 5 lessons, each lasting for 2 hours, with face-to-face tailored HSK Mandarin coaching. Students have the freedom to choose their preferred venue, date and time for the classes. Additionally, there is a one-time S$50 registration fee for every student.


If you wish to attend a trial class, you can choose either a min 90-minutes session (S$135) or a 120-minutes session ($180) – we go by an hourly rate of $90 per hour.


Our HSK exam preparatory course includes an introduction to the various Chinese characters and the proper Mandarin grammatical rules and sentence structures.


Moreover, students will be exposed to the standardized HSK format and provided with the necessary preparations. This will increase their competency in the language and offer more confidence during the exam.

HSK Categories


HSK is divided into three categories: Basic, Elementary-Intermediate and Advanced.


HSK (Basic) is designed for beginners who have acquired knowledge of 200-600 basic Chinese words. They meet the basic needs and requirements for communication and have the ability to understand and use very simple Chinese phrases.


HSK Elementary-Intermediate is suitable for those who have an extremely good grasp of the Chinese language, having mastered about 600-1200 Chinese words and certain rules of grammar.


HSK Advanced applies to those who have mastery of approximately 2500-5000 Chinese words with corresponding grammatical rules. They have the ability to use Chinese and communicate in their daily lives including professional and academic settings.


HSK is comprised of six levels that are corresponding to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF) as well as the Chinese Language Proficiency Scales for Speakers of Other Languages (CLPS).


HSK level table

HSK LevelVocabulary WordsLinda Mandarin Course LevelCLPSCEFR
HSK 1150Beginner 1Level 1A1
HSK 2300Beginner 2Level 2A2
HSK 2+450Beginner 3Level 2B1
HSK 3600Intermediate 1Level 3B1
HSK 3+900Intermediate 2Level 3B2
HSK 41200Intermediate 3Level 4B2
HSK 4+2000Advanced Level 4C1
HSK 52500Business ChineseLevel 5C1
HSK 6Over 5000Business ChineseLevel 6C2


CLPS Stands For Chinese Language Proficiency Scales For Speakers Of Other Languages
CEFR Stands For Common European Framework For Languages


8 Benefits from Group Mandarin lessons:


  1. Accredited Chinese course syllabus published by the professional agency, Hanban in China which aligns with the international HSK test standard.
  2. Experienced teachers who are bilingual and native Mandarin speakers, who are able to explain and conduct the lesson in class through proficient English
  3. Professionally trained Mandarin teachers who are also certified in Applied Mandarin Linguistics
  4. A beneficial teacher to student ratio of a small class size (between 4 to 6 people*) to maximise greater attention to students
  5. A dynamic and interactive method of learning Mandarin such as role-play sessions and practice in sentence-forming
  6. Double learning support – in addition to the course book, students will receive an e-copy of the workbook to self-study and practice.
  7. Effective learning tools such as Audio CD and Video Lessons, which are proven to yield better results when students review them before and after class.
  8. 24/7 dynamic learning tool including workbook and course book, audio CD, and in-house video lessons.


T&C Applies *

Our Monthly HSK test Preparation Class Schedules


HSK 1 Test Preparation Group Course ~ 4 sessions of 2.5 hours each

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequency Fee
HSK1-0408 Nov29 NovSun 2:00pm-4.30pm$400

HSK 2 Test Preparation Group Course ~ 4 sessions of 2.5 hours each

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequency Fee
HSK2-0408 Nov29 NovSun 2.00pm-4.30pm$400

HSK 3 Test Preparation Group Course ~ 4 sessions of 2.5 hours each

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequency Fee
HSK3-0408 Nov29 NovSun 2.00pm-4.30pm$400

HSK 4 Test Preparation Group Course ~ 4 sessions of 2.5 hours each

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequency Fee
HSK4-0408 Nov29 NovSun 2.00pm-4.30pm$400

HSK 5 Test Preparation Group Course ~ 4 sessions of 2.5 hours each

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequency Fee
HSK5-0408 Nov29 NovSun 2.00pm-4.30pm$400

HSK 6 Test Preparation Group Course ~ 4 sessions of 2.5 hours each

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequency Fee
HSK6-0408 Nov29 NovSun 2.00pm-4.30pm$400

HSK Test Dates 2021

HSK Test DatesHSK level HSKK level (Oral test)
21 MarLevel 1 to Level 6Level 3 & 4 (Intermediate)
Level 5 & 6 (Advanced)
14 JunLevel 1 to Level 6All levels
19 SepLevel 1 to Level 6Level 3 & 4 (Intermediate)
Level 5 & 6 (Advanced)
6 DecLevel 1 to Level 6All levels


What the HSK Group Preparatory Course entails


For HSK Group Preparatory Course, there are 4 sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours and the course spans over 4 weeks.


Material fee is charged at S$50 per student (includes audio CD, coursebook, custom-made syllabus and video lessons). This excludes the one-time S$50 registration fee per student.


If you happen to miss any of the classes, you can choose from the following arrangements.


~ Arrange for a short 15-minutes catch up session before the next lesson (requires you to review the recorded class video beforehand)
~ If you are not in Singapore, you can request for a Skype training which is S$40 per hour (we offer 60-minutes Skype training for missing a 2-hour long group class)
~ Watch our recorded lesson video and audio for your own revision


All our 3 Training Centres are located near MRT stations (Tanjong Pagar, Telok Ayer and Raffles Place)


Venue: 137 Cecil Street, Cecil Building #07-04, Singapore 069537

Anita passed her HSK level 1 exam after completing Beginner Mandarin 1 classes with us.

singapore hsk

Our youngest student, Mehacarsini (9 years old), passed her HSK level 2 exam after completing Mandarin Beginner 1 & 2 with us.


What is a good HSK score?

Generally, educational institutions do not look out for your HSK test score. What is more important and stands as a qualifier is the HSK level you have passed and hold a certificate in. As such, across the 6 different HSK levels, a good score would be one that fulfills the minimum 60% passing mark.

When is it possible to skip HSK levels?

As a marker of your Mandarin proficiency, you do not need to start taking the HSK exams from level 1. In fact, it’s recommended to sit for a placement test first to gauge your existing level of proficiency if you already have some prior knowledge of the language. If you hold significant proficiency, you might even begin at HSK level 6.

How long does it take to pass HSK level 1?

Attaining HSK level 1 proficiency would require a student to master about 150 Chinese words. HSK level 1 Chinese proficiency can be achieved in approximately 1 month, with continuous practice up to the test date. The reason for this is that HSK level 1 requires a basic knowledge of the language – mastering a limited number of words and sentences.

What HSK level is considered Chinese fluency in Singapore?

To speak Mandarin fluently in Singapore, it’s best to attain a certificate that is of HSK level 4 and above. Especially if you are looking to use Mandarin for higher education or employment opportunities, reaching at least level 4 is recommended. Should you wish to be more confident and communicate your ideas most effectively in the professional aspect, you can aim to pass the HSK level 6 exam.

How long is the HSK certificate valid for?

While there is no actual expiry date to the HSK certificate, the certificate offers a limited validity period when it comes to academic purposes. For instance, if you are applying to a Chinese university, the institution might only perceive your certificate as valid if it was issued in the last 2 years.

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