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Generally, educational institutions do not look out for your HSK test score. What is more important and stands as a qualifier is the HSK level you have passed and hold a certificate in. As such, across the 6 different HSK levels, a good score would be one that fulfills the minimum 60% passing mark.

As a marker of your Mandarin proficiency, you do not need to start taking the HSK exams from level 1. In fact, it’s recommended to sit for a placement test first to gauge your existing level of proficiency if you already have some prior knowledge of the language. If you hold significant proficiency, you might even begin at HSK level 6.

At Lindamandarin, an analysis is first done to determine your current Chinese proficiency. We will then proceed to recommend a suitable Mandarin class for you to learn Chinese effectively. In this way, we ensure that all students can meet their individual learning needs and objectives – allowing you to benefit from our courses fully.

Attaining HSK level 1 proficiency would require a student to master about 150 Chinese words. HSK level 1 Chinese proficiency can be achieved in approximately 1 month, with continuous practice up to the test date.

Especially for non-native speakers, it is important not to rush through the course. Mastering the basics is crucial before entering the the HSK elementary-intermediate course, because the HSK vocabulary involved will be significantly more difficult.

To speak Mandarin fluently in Singapore, it’s best to attain a certificate that is of HSK level 4 and above. Especially if you are looking to use Mandarin for higher education or employment opportunities, reaching at least level 4 is recommended. Should you wish to be more confident and communicate your ideas most effectively in the professional aspect, you can aim to pass the HSK level 6 exam.

While there is no actual expiry date to the HSK certificate, the certificate offers a limited validity period when it comes to academic purposes. For instance, if you are applying to a Chinese university, the institution might only perceive your certificate as valid if it was issued in the last 2 years.


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