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Each Linda Mandarin Public Group Class is designed for Mandarin learners who are looking for an interactive, fun and effective way of learning. Learners will improve their Chinese rapidly with a regular schedule and a dynamic learning environment.

Joining our mandarin group course, you are assured with high-quality Chinese Language learning, value and a passionate Mandarin tutor.


SkillsFuture Credit-eligible Courses for Singaporean age 25yrs old and above.

8 Benefits from Group Mandarin lessons:

  1. Accredited Chinese course syllabus produced by professional agencies Hanban in China and aligned with international HSK test standard.
  2. Experienced teacher who are native Mandarin speakers and bilingual. (able to use proficient English to explain in class)
  3. Our Mandarin teachers are all professionally trained and Applied Mandarin Linguistics Certified.
  4. Our small Mandarin class size (4 to 6 people*) with a good teacher to students ratio. (greater attention is given to students for better result)
  5. An interactive and dynamic way of learning Mandarin. (more role-play and practice in forming sentences)
  6. Effective learning tools like Video Lessons & Audio CD have proven to yield a better result when students review these before and after class.
  7. Double learning support – other than course book, an e-copy of the workbook will be provided to have more practice.
  8. Dynamic learning tool 24/7 available includes course book & workbook, audio-CD, and in-house video lessons. The communicative teaching approach is used for all levels
T&C applies *


Intermediate levels Group classes schedule at our centre

Lower Intermediate Level Group Class for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart Date End Date FrequencyFee
Thu Evening Class
33140314-Mar-1916-May-19Every Thu 7pm-9pm$580
33280328-Mar-1930-May-19Every Thu 7pm-9pm$580
33110411-Apr-1913-Jun-19Every Thu 7pm-9pm$580
33250425-Apr-1927-Jun-19Every Thu 7pm-9pm$580
33090509-May-1911-Jul-19Every Thu 7pm-9pm$580
33230523-May-1925-Jul-19Every Thu 7pm-9pm$580
Weekend Class
34090309-Mar-1911-May-19Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
34230323-Mar-1925-May-19Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
34060406-Apr-1908-Jun-19Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
34200420-Apr-1922-Jun-19Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
34040504-May-1906-Jul-19Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
34180518-May-1920-Jul-19Every Sat 2pm-4pm$580
Tue Morning Class
31120312-Mar-1914-May-19Every Tue 10am-12pm$580
31260326-Mar-1928-May-19Every Tue 10am-12pm$580
31090409-Apr-1911-Jun-19Every Tue 10am-12pm$580
31230423-Apr-1925-Jun-19Every Tue 10am-12pm$580
31070507-May-1909-Jul-19Every Tue 10am-12pm$580
31210521-May-1923-Jul-19Every Tue 10am-12pm$580

Upper Intermediate Level Group Class for 10 lessons

Batch NoStart Date End DateFrequencyFee
Evening Class
14-May-19Every Tue 7pm–9pm$580
28-May-19Every Tue 7pm–9pm$580
11-Jun-19Every Tue 7pm–9pm$580
25-Jun-19Every Tue 7pm–9pm$580
09-Jul-19Every Tue 7pm–9pm$580
23-Jul-19Every Tue 7pm–9pm$580
Weekend Class
43100310-Mar-1912-May-19Every Sun 2pm-4pm$580
(19/05 No Class)
02-Jun-19Every Sun 2pm-4pm$580
(19/05 No Class)
16-Jun-19Every Sun 2pm-4pm$580
(19/05 No Class)
30-Jun-19Every Sun 2pm-4pm$580
(19/05 No Class)
14-Jul-19Every Sun 2pm-4pm$580
43260519-May-1928-Jul-19Every Sun 2pm-4pm$580
Morning Class
(01/05 No Class)
22-May-19Every Wed 10am-12pm$580
(01/05 & 05/06 No Class)
12-Jun-19Every Wed 10am-12pm$580
(01/05 & 05/06 No Class)
26-Jun-19Every Wed 10am-12pm$580
(01/05 & 05/06 No Class)
10-Jul-19Every Wed 10am-12pm$580
(05/06 No Class)
17-Jul-19Every Wed 10am-12pm$580
(05/06 No Class)
31-Jul-19Every Wed 10am-12pm$580

Conversational Advanced Level Group Class for 10 lessons

Batch No Start DateEnd Date FrequencyFee
(19/04 No Class)
17-May-19Every Fri 7pm – 9pm$580
(19/04 No Class)
31-May-19Every Fri 7pm – 9pm$580
(19/04 No Class)
14-Jun-19Every Fri 7pm – 9pm$580

28-Jun-19Every Fri 7pm – 9pm$580

12-Jul-19Every Fri 7pm – 9pm$580
26-Jul-19Every Fri 7pm – 9pm$580
(09/08 No Class)
16-Aug-19Every Fri 7pm – 9pm$580
(09/08 No Class)
30-Aug-19Every Fri 7pm – 9pm$580
(09/08 No Class)
13-Sep-19Every Fri 7pm – 9pm$580
(09/08 No Class)
27-Sep-19Every Fri 7pm – 9pm$580

Lower Intermediate Level Intensive Class 10 Lessons From 10am To 12pm

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequencyFee
35050305-Mar-1926-Mar-19Every Tue + Thu + Fri 10am-12pm$580
35020402-Apr-1925-Apr-19Every Tue + Thu + Fri 10am-12pm$580
35070507-May-1928-May-19Every Tue + Thu + Fri 10am-12pm$580
35040604-Jun-1925-Jun-19Every Tue + Thu + Fri 10am-12pm$580
35020702-Jul-1923-Jul-19Every Tue + Thu + Fri 10am-12pm$580
(09/08 No Class)
29-Aug-19Every Tue + Thu + Fri 10am-12pm$580

Upper Intermediate Level Intensive Class 10 Lessons From 10am To 12pm

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequencyFee
45040304-Mar-1925-Mar-19Every Mon + Wed + Fri 10am-12pm$580
45010401-Apr-1924-Apr-19Every Mon + Wed + Fri 10am-12pm$580
45060506-May-1929-May-19Every Mon + Wed + Fri 10am-12pm$580
(05/06 No Class)
26-Jun-19Every Mon + Wed + Fri 10am-12pm$580
45010701-Jul-1922-Jul-19Every Mon + Wed + Fri 10am-12pm$580
45050805-Aug-1930-Aug-19Every Mon + Wed + Fri 10am-12pm$580

Advanced Level Intensive Class 10 Lessons From 10am to 12pm

Batch NoStart DateEnd DateFrequencyFee
45120312-Mar-1902-Apr-19Every Tue + Thu + Fri 10am-12pm$580
(19/04 No Class)
02-May-19Every Tue + Thu + Fri 10am-12pm$580
28-May-19Every Tue + Thu + Fri 10am-12pm$580
25-Jun-19Every Tue + Thu + Fri 10am-12pm$580
23-Jul-19Every Tue + Thu + Fri 10am-12pm$580

Why is our group Mandarin course features so unique?

Each level consists of 20 training hours for 10 lessons over 2.5 months (for weekly classes) or 10 days (for intensive daily classes) completion.

Material fee of $50 per student (including course book & workbook, Audio Cd, Video lessons and custom-made syllabus)
One-time Registration fee of $50 per student is applicable.

If you missed any classes, here are the options available

  • Arrange a Skype training if you are not in Singapore
  • Arrange a quick makeup class before the next class
  • Watch our Video lesson and audio for own revision

Training Centres are located near 3 MRT stations (Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar, and Telok Ayer)

Venue: 137 Cecil Street level 7, Singapore 069537

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Conversational Lower-Intermediate Mandarin Trial Class


Conversational Upper-Intermediate Mandarin Trial Class

If you wish to visit our centres, please RSVP, so that we can have a meeting room and trainer made available to answer your queries

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If you have learnt Mandarin Language before

No worries about your entry level to our classes, your mandarin proficiency will be assessed via Online Placement Test or by our trainer introducing various programs as well as providing the best advice on the possible options for your Mandarin learning needs.

New classes begin on an on-going basis and participants can choose between morning, afternoon and evening classes as well as weekends.

Each level of Chinese learning consists of 10 lessons. Contact us now if you wish to attend the trial Mandarin class, and we will love to arrange a Chinese trial class for you.

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For every level of Mandarin Course learning, there are more than 30 video lessons produced by Linda Mandarin, covering all relevant mandarin contents as per course book. Students can now enjoy Preview (before lesson) and Review (after the lesson), achieving the best learning outcome at the same time reaching for highest Mandarin skills retention of each topic learning.
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