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Mandarin is one of the most popular languages to learn in Singapore. It is a highly practical language to learn with plenty of uses in social and business activities. And if you ever fly to China, you will need to have at least one dialect under your belt as English may not be widely spoken in that country. This is your opportunity to adapt and acquire a new language.

In China, the official dialect is Mandarin. Learning it requires continuous lessons, regular practice, and engaging in conversations with a native speaker. When it comes to learning any language, constant practice is necessary. Getting yourself familiarised with the words repeatedly will gradually improve your ability to learn another language. However, it is not only about memorising these words as you will also need to be able to have a conversation with others who can understand what you mean. As such, you can receive the practicality of the educational experience. Having actual conversations and interactions will help you get more comfortable and confident in speaking in a different language.

Avoid having to go through the hassle of finding language schools in Singapore that are located around your area and having to travel from one place to another. Online Chinese courses make learning more accessible and convenient. At Linda Mandarin, our school offer regular lessons based on your level and skill, learning access to teachers who are native speakers, as well as the complete virtual classroom experience. The Virtual learning environments provide you with access to course materials, learning techniques, and one-on-one guidance. Our online Mandarin lessons support your ability to study in the comfort of your home and receive immediate feedback that is tailored to fit your learning style and help you learn the language easily.

You will have a sense of accomplishment in your progress and see how far you have come from being unable to speak the language to become fluent in conversations.

Here are some benefits of our Online Mandarin lessons.

  1. Learn Mandarin according to your preferred schedule without coming down to school. Online Chinese Lessons will be conducted over Zoom/Skype.
  2. Accredited Online Chinese course syllabus that is aligned with international HSK standard, produced by Hanban in China
  3. Experienced teachers who are bilingual and native Mandarin speakers (they can provide explanations in fluent English)
  4. Our Online Mandarin teachers are professionally trained with certification in Applied Mandarin Linguistics
  5. Effective learning tools including Audio CD and Video Lessons for students to review them before and after class, which have proven to yield better results
  6. Double learning support – course book and e-copy of the workbook will be provided for students to have more practice
  7. 24/7 dynamic learning tool which includes course book and workbook, in-house video lessons and audio-CD
  8. Our communicative teaching approach is used for students across all levels
  9. Live Streaming Video Mandarin Classes hosted in Skype/Zoom, so students can improve their Mandarin Proficiency with our Mandarin Native Teachers through online sessions while staying home

Online Mandarin Course Fee

~ Private Online Mandarin Class package of 10 sessions 2hrs each, the course fee for:
1-2 students is $1,300 (Conversational Mandarin) / $1,500 (Business Mandarin).
3 students is $1,500 (Conversational Mandarin) / $1,700 (Business Mandarin).
You can also choose to purchase half of the course.

~ Group Online Mandarin Class, the course fee starts from $500 as per table below.

Current month promotion:

~ Online Course Registration Fee of $50

~ Online Course Material Fee per student of $50 is waived, students will have softcopies of the course book & workbook, and audio files & video lessons.

Online Mandarin Beginner 1 Schedule ~ 10 sessions 2hrs each

Online BatchStart DateEnd DateFrequencyLive Video Fee / pax
Beginner 1Morning Class
OLB1AM-120112 Jan16 MarEvery Tue 10am-12pmOnline Class$500
OLB1AM-190219 Feb30 AprEvery Fri 10am-12pmOnline Class$500
OLB1AM-180318 Mar20 MayEvery Thu 10am-12pmOnline Class$500
Beginner 1Evening Class
OLB1Eve-120112 Jan16 MarEvery Tue 7pm-9pmOnline Class$500
OLB1Eve-280128 Jan01 AprEvery Thu 7pm-9pmOnline Class$500
OLB1Eve-080208 Feb12 AprEvery Mon 7pm-9pmOnline Class$500
Beginner 1Daily Class 10am-12pm
OLB1Daily-180118 Jan29 JanDaily Class Mon to FriOnline Class$500
OLB1Daily-150215 Feb26 FebDaily Class Mon to FriOnline Class$500
Beginner 1Weekend Class
OLB1W-100110 Jan21 MarEvery Sun 10am-12pmOnline Class$500
OLB1W-230123 Jan03 AprEvery Sat 1pm-3pmOnline Class$500
OLB1W-070207 Feb18 AprEvery Sun 1pm-3pmOnline Class$500
Beginner 1Eve Intensive 7pm-9pm
OLB1E-050105 Jan26 JanEvery Tue + Thu + FriOnline Class$500
OLB1E-010201 Feb24 FebEvery Mon + Wed + FriOnline Class$500
Beginner 1Weekend Intensive
OLB13-060206 Feb27 FebSat + Sun 2pm-6pmOnline Class$500
OLB13-060306 Mar20 MarSat + Sun 9am-1pmOnline Class$500


Online Mandarin Higher Level Course Schedule

Online BatchStart DateEnd DateFrequencyLive Video Fee
Beginner 02
OLB2M-260126 Jan30 MarEvery Tue 10am-12pmOnline Class$500
OLB2E-280128 Jan01 AprEvery Thu 7pm-9pmOnline Class$500
OLB2W-170117 Jan28 MarEvery Sun 10am-12pmOnline Class$500
OLL3-050105 Jan09 MarEvery Tue 10am-12pmOnline Class$500
OLL3-190119 Jan23 MarEvery Tue 10am-12pmOnline Class$500
OLL3-070107 Jan18 MarEvery Thu 7pm-9pmOnline Class$500
OLL3-210121 Jan01 AprEvery Thu 7pm-9pmOnline Class$500
OLL3-160116 Jan27 MarEvery Sat 10am-12pmOnline Class$500
OLL3-300130 Jan10 AprEvery Sat 10am-12pmOnline Class$500
OLL5-040104 Jan08 MarEvery Mon 7pm-9pmOnline Class$500
OLL5-180118 Jan22 MarEvery Mon 7pm-9pmOnline Class$500
OLL5-160116 Jan27 MarEvery Sat 3.30pm-5.30pmOnline Class$500
OLL5-300130 Jan10 AprEvery Sat 3.30pm-5.30pmOnline Class$500
OLL5-170117 Jan28 MarEvery Sun 10am-12pmOnline Class$500
OLL5-310131 Jan11 AprEvery Sun 10am-12pmOnline Class$500
Business Mandarin
OLBM-050105 Jan09 MarEvery Tue 7pm-9pmOnline Class$500
OLBM-190119 Jan23 MarEvery Tue 7pm-9pmOnline Class$500
OLBM-160116 Jan27 MarEvery Sat 2pm-4pmOnline Class$500
OLBM-300130 Jan10 AprEvery Sat 2pm-4pmOnline Class$500


Schedules & Timings are based on Singapore Local Time / UTC/GMT +8 hours

Watch our Online Trial Class video for Beginner 1 students

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