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Mandarin, the most widely spoken language, has several benefits that are enjoyed especially by those who have learned Mandarin as a second language.

Below, are a few pros of learning Chinese.


If you did not know, Mandarin is spoken by over a billion people today. That means you have the potential to make over a billion new friends.

While that may seem like an exaggeration, as a matter of fact, it is true that these new friends could be in your Mandarin classes in Singapore, in your community and even in Mandarin-Speaking countries.

You will now be able to travel to various Mandarin-speaking countries such as Mainland China, Taiwan, and so many others. By choosing to learn Mandarin, you will be able to communicate with locals on your own and learn even more about the language and the culture. Plus, these will make for stories to tell back home!


Those who have already mastered Mandarin as a second language can tell you that the language is very intricate and takes a lot of focus, practice, and commitment to master. You will have to memorize and learn how to write many characters, understand which ones to use, know when to use certain terms, and so much more.

But, because you have to utilize various parts of your brain in this learning process, you will find that in time you will become faster and more logical in your thinking, be able to block out distractions, multitask even better and even benefit from a reduction in stress and anxiety.


Being bilingual, depending on the field you are in, automatically shortlists you when you apply for a job. This is because companies prefer to hire versatile individuals who are able to do more than one job, versus hiring multiple people to do various jobs. You are also able to apply for a job in other countries which speak Mandarin, especially China and Hong Kong, which are usually where the main headquarters are for many huge corporations.

By taking Mandarin classes in Singapore, you are also less likely to lose your job. Often times, even the largest of companies go through rough patches and have to shed non-essential personnel in order to save money. By learning Chinese, you will prove to be an asset rather than an expendable employee and this can even help you to get a promotion. This, in turn, means you will make more money and secure your future in your next company.


For those who have been in their career for a long or even a short time, and find that they are miserable, may desire a career change. By taking a Mandarin course in Singapore, you will find that this opens the door to many other career paths.

You may even find that you are eligible to be hired as an interpreter or translator for a company, and you may even venture into fields such as Health Care, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Education, Journalism, International Development and even Entertainment.

From the above benefits, you already probably understand that you can reap so many rewards. So when will you start your first Mandarin class in Singapore?

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