Speaking Chinese Fluently Made Easy


Achieving fluency in Chinese is not impossible. Sure it’s not a walk in the park, but neither it’s something that’s beyond your reach.

Here are 4 tips to help you speak Chinese fluently.

1.Speak More

You have the theoretical knowledge of Mandarin but still, struggle to speak it fluently? Well, you are not alone. Theoretical knowledge alone doesn’t give you the ability to piece sentences and words quickly. You can learn new things by reading and listening Chinese, but none of these activities will make you a fluent speaker.

You have to speak more. That’s the only way you will ever become a fluent Chinese speaker.

One of the most effective ways to practice speaking Chinese is to find a language partner, which shouldn’t be difficult if you are taking Mandarin classes Singapore. Surely, there would be other foreigners like you who would want to get better at speaking Chinese.

Practicing with a partner or a group of foreigners really work out well. Many non-native Chinese speakers are afraid of speaking out in Chinese in front of native speakers who also know English. They hold them back because they are afraid of making mistakes.

Well, no such worries will bog you down when you are with non-native Chinese speakers. When you are in the company of people who are in the same boat as you, then you can speak without first mentally checking the words before speaking them out. This will help you become a better Chinese speaker.

2.Speak in Chinese when you’re alone

Ah, this may sound weird, but, trust us, it’s not—and it’s actually mighty effective. Part of speaking Chinese fluently involves being able to voice your thoughts clearly and coherently. This is something you can do even when you’re on your own. Think aloud in Chinese, or while doing daily chores, narrate what you’re doing. Similarly, if you’ve pets, talk to them in Chinese.

The whole idea is to practice speaking Chinese as much as you can. But often we don’t have anyone with whom we can do that. Well, one is a good enough number. Practice alone, it’s no less effective than practicing with someone else.

3.Internal Dialogue

In which language you think? Your native language, isn’t so? Well, try to think in Chinese. It’s as effective in helping you become a better speaker as speaking out loud in Mandarin.

A few ways in which you can do this effectively include counting in Mandarin, narrating what you’re doing currently in Mandarin, and weighing advantages and disadvantages of choices in Mandarin.

Well, the latter works out really well. Research shows we are likely to make more rational decisions when we make them in a foreign language!

4.Language games

Language games offer you a fun, yet effective, way to improve your Chinese speaking abilities. While you can find many such games online, they are not even half as effective or enjoyable as language games played in a regular Mandarin class. That is why if you really want to learn Chinese in Singapore, you should consider joining a regular course.

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