untitled-6I really enjoyed my lessons in Linda Mandarin. My teacher was totally committed to ensuring that everyone in the class learned together, and kept us on track with the lessons in the book. She conveyed great enthusiasm for Chinese language which she passed on to the students. It was really valuable to hear some of the context and connections for the characters and words: I felt I learned a lot about Chinese culture at the same time as I learnt the language. I think her strongest skill as a teacher is her ability to give mnemonics for learning the characters – I found these much easier to pick up than I expected and I think it was because she told little humorous stories about the strokes and designs, and also explained connections between the concepts and pronunciations of the characters. This made it easier to remember the characters. I think this skill is part of her holistic view of Chinese language and culture, which means that instead of just learning isolated pieces of language you learn how the language is structured and how it all fits together.

Anna Ezekiel