untitledAs I searched for Business Chinese course providers available in the market, I wanted a flexible and personalised programme that could focus on sales and marketing conversations in Mandarin that was directly relevant to my company’s services and industry.  When I found Linda Mandarin online, Linda promptly responded to my query, and even met with me beforehand to discuss my requirements and show me sample course material that she had prepared which was tailored to my concerns. The one-on-one format of 2-hour weekly lessons, at a time and venue of my preference, further made Linda Mandarin the right choice.
I was then matched with Sophia as my teacher, who has been very warm, encouraging and patient throughout our 15 lessons. Learning through role-playing, I have grown more confident and proficient in my conversational Mandarin.  Sophia has helped me formulate a glossary of frequently used phrases relevant to my job, which is immensely practical.

I am very grateful for the boost in my business Mandarin ability and have been able to put what I have learned into immediate practice. I highly recommend Sophia and Linda Mandarin to other busy professionals looking to improve their Mandarin.

Christine HoM Moser Associates