Evening group pic Highx300Mandarin Lessons Group Class

My teacher Shiyao at Linda Mandarin is a wonderful teacher.  Being an older student and only having learnt Latin-based languages in the past, I’ve found learning Mandarin language to be quite challenging.  However, Shiyao motivates me every week when I attend class.  She is patient and very kind, takes the time to explain words when needed and is very good at handling lots of questions.  Our Mandarin class is very interactive and we not only learn Mandarin language, we also gain Chinese cultural insights and understanding, which I love.

This has inspired me to continue my learning and I look forward to learning more and more.  I hope to travel to China for holidays with my family in the future and to put this learning to good use.  My two children are also both studying Mandarin at school, they are much better than me already.  It’s another way for me to connect with them as well check in on their school work.  I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Shiyao’s help.  I look forward to more Mandarin lessons Singapore in 2016. Thank you Shiyao! Thank you, Linda Mandarin! ~ Julianne Browne

Julianne Browne