peter-swart-mandarin-course-singaporeI can share that I have found my teacher at Linda Mandarin a very good teacher for me. I found her being focused yet patient and helpful, and flexible to ‘zoom in’ on subjects (vocabulary or grammatical issues) of specific interest to me. Importantly, it was also fun to work with her! I enjoyed my lessons and I would recommend Linda Mandarin to others.

As the tonation is so important in Chinese and doesn’t come natural for a Westerner (or at least to me!..) I had to listen to pronunciation quite a lot to practice this. The videos complemented the book’s audio files quite well and I used them quite a bit (more and more so in fact as the lessons progressed). I would certainly recommend to keep the videos included in the course material.I liked it to be able to see the relevant pictures at the same time when I was learning new words. It helped me memorise new words more easily.

Peter SwartShell