untitledI have always wanted to embrace Asian culture and learn Mandarin ever since I moved to Singapore last year. Having studied several European languages before, I was fearful that learning Chinese would be a mighty task requiring a lot of endless memorising. Linda Mandarin have exceeded all my expectations. The teaching method and the structure of lessons are so user friendly, that I have felt at ease from day one. My teacher is very professional in her knowledge and attitude to lessons, always aware of my personal learning abilities, pace and style. The learning of characters have turned out to be pure joy, thanks to my teacher’s efforts. In many cases I was shown that characters to tell some sort of a story, which aids remembering and interpreting them. The best thing I like about my teacher is that despite my still quite limited vocabulary she makes me see beyond the limits and enables me to conduct quite lengthy dialogues and write (yes! using characters!) thematic stories based on what I already know. This is very inspiring and makes me want to learn more. All my questions are always addressed and any concerns I may have are always clarified. By now I feel myself confident enough to try to speak and write in Mandarin to an extent I can with my co-workers and in daily life too. My goal is to take my knowledge of Mandarin to the level of Business Language, so I can apply it at work too. I am confident that together with Linda Mandarin I will get there sooner than later!

Viacheslav ShilinDeutsche Bank