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Find out what our students say about us and their learning journey with our trainers.
Our Mandarin Class students are glad to share this enjoyable Chinese language learning experience and many of them refer their friends and colleagues to learn Chinese Mandarin with us.

Chinese Class Video Testimonials

Chinese Class Students Testimonials

Mandarin Lessons Group Class

My teacher Shiyao at Linda Mandarin is a wonderful teacher. Being an older student and only having learnt Latin-based languages in the past, I’ve found learning Mandarin language to be quite challenging. However, Shiyao motivates me every week when I attend class. She is patient and very kind, takes the time to explain words when needed and is very good at handling lots of questions. Our Mandarin class is very interactive and we not only learn Mandarin language, we also gain Chinese cultural insights and understanding, which I love. ~ Julianne Browne

I think that Lilian is a great teacher! I’m sure that the 3 of us all enjoyed the Chinese lessons!!! ~ Tom Ruiter

Private Chinese lessons

I’m writing this note to express my appreciation to the class with Xie laoshi. I have been enrolled into advanced level 2 class about one year ago. I really enjoy the class with Ms. Xie. The best part of the class is flexibility. As an expatriate working in Singapore, I travel a lot. I need the Mandarin classes in private and flexible. My teacher does great effort to adjust schedule to meet mine. I also like the textbook materials which is very suitable to my interest. ~ Mitch Kawaguchi 河口光康

Chinese Beginner 2 Group Class

I have had great fun completing Chinese Beginner level 1 and 2 courses with Linda Mandarin. The Chinese classes were thoroughly enjoyable, which made picking up such a different language that much easier. Our Mandarin teachers were excellent, where they encouraged a relaxing atmosphere and open dialog throughout the classes. ~ Barry Rainnie

Linda Mandarin Chinese lesson is very useful for me. My mandarin teacher Lily helps me a lot on improving my mandarin speaking skills and after only 20 hours, I would be able to speak Chinese well. Thank you Linda Mandarin! ~ Aung Htike

Chinese Beginner 2 Group Class

I enjoyed the first Chinese course that took place on Sunday. I realised that I still have a lot to build on my foundation and am glad that Linda Mandarin is there to guide me. My mother is also very interested in joining Linda mandarin after hearing about my learning experience. ~ Priyanka Shinde

Francis testimonial

Chinese Beginner 2 Group Class

I like the Mandarin class material (book and instructor-led lessons) and the Mandarin videos. I am travelling a lot and watching these videos on the plane or at the hotel helped me review and practice (an excellent complement to the lessons); I really appreciated Yingming as a teacher; She adapts the pace of each Chinese lessons to the knowledge of the student (I was starting from “0” and she made me progress rapidly);Yingming is professional with very good pronunciation (I think it is a very good skill and she helped me understood well the 4 tones – an important base to be understood in mandarin); Also, she adapts to the context of the student. We were following the book but she was very helpful in providing me with additional Chinese words and sentences depending on my business and questions during the lessons. ~ Francis St-Louis

We have just finished our beginner level 1 intensive Chinese course with Linda Mandarin. We learnt the Chinese language fast to be able to communicate in Mandarin day to day and to get to know new every day. This made our learning very enjoyable. Before starting this course, we had no Mandarin experience but just a few phrases such as Nihao. With such a Mandarin course in good pace, it helps me to grasp basic words and structure in a short period of time, which I believe will benefit my study and work in Singapore in the near future. Brian Joseph and Sondre Hellen. ~ Brian Joseph and Sondre Hellen

I often travel to China and Taiwan for business trips so I have opportunities to work with Chinese people. I have been studying Chinese for 1.5 yr and I find learning Chinese very fun and interesting with Linda Mandarin. I’m very satisfied with my Chinese teachers. I find them nice and professional. It’s very important to me that Linda Mandarin helps to plan the schedules according to my business travelling plans. Definitely I would recommend Linda Mandarin to anybody who wants to learn Chinese. ~ Francesco Boccardo

Thank you for your support with my Conversational Mandarin Beginner Course. Lilian has been fantastic. She has been very patient with my pronunciation, totally supportive and has ensured that the classes are fun and delivered at my own pace.When I think back to where I started from and the position I am at now, I am really delighted with the amount of Mandarin I have already picked up. ~ Paula Riach

My Mandarin teacher Lucy is very patient and flexible. She always makes the lesson tailored to my work situations. She works really hard and takes the lessons seriously, which is very appreciated. In my Chinese class with my colleagues, I also like the opportunity to ask questions about Chinese culture, so that is definitely a bonus. Thank you very much! ~ Okko Kuivalainen

Conversational Chinese Courses, Group Class

Sylvia was a great teacher, I have learned a huge amount that I incorporate to conversations every day. In our class, most of us attended the two-hour session after a long day at work, but still Sylvia managed to keep the energy within the room up, but also our attention. She adapted the Mandarin courses to our large amount of questions as well, often helping us to understand how to structure the sentence in a more pleasing manner. I am very thankful she was our teacher and my decision to choose Linda Mandarin, and would wholeheartedly recommend Linda Mandarin to any individual wishing to learn Mandarin. ~ Gavin Ong

Exclusive Chinese Group Class

I am so happy that I can speak Chinese just after a 20-hr Mandarin course. Yes after 10 lessons and everything is perfectly okay.

Especially our teacher Lucy is one of the best teachers I have met in my life. She is so friendly. She explained everything clearly. I am really satisfied with Linda Mandarin and hoping to complete all the Mandarin levels. ~ Dakshini De Silva

I’m glad I signed up with Linda Mandarin as the Chinese course materials are well designed, the learning environment is good, the instructors are excellent, patient and happy to share. I’m happy to be a student here with Ying Ming Laoshi. ~ Viswanath Bhardwaj

As an executive with the oil and gas industry it is important to connect with new markets and new customers. Learning to speak Chinese to ensure better relations with my Chinese clients was very important. Learning the Mandarin language is not easy but your excellent Chinese teacher Nini has given me new skills that will bring great benefit to our business. I am very grateful for her knowledge, ability to communicate, patience, understanding and warm persona that ensure this Mandarin learning process is an enjoyable challenge that can be overcome to great success. ~ Ross Campbell

I really enjoyed every single class of the beginner intensive mandarin course. It was very effective to take class and get an exposure to the Chinese language everyday especially as a beginner. The mandarin course was well-structured and the teacher, Lucy, was very friendly and motivating. She not only taught us the materials in the book but also catered to our own needs by teaching us mandarin vocabularies related to our jobs and everyday situations we would encounter. Even though the Chinese course is finished, I am going to keep learning Mandarin Singapore with a private class at Linda Mandarin. ~ Rachel Heo

Eriko testimonial

The Chinese lesson was really useful and I enjoyed learning Mandarin very much. My Chinese teacher not only followed the text, but she also taught me a lot of related Chinese words or phrases that was not on the text. So that I could increase my vocabulary. Since I start working, I’ll stop taking the Mandarin lessons, but when I resume it when my Job settles down, I will definitely choose Linda Mandarin again! ~ Eriko Sekido

A big Thank you all to our vendors, corporate clients and students for nominating us for this award. This award is for everyone. Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award 2015 – Linda Mandarin

I enjoyed the lessons, my teacher, Stephanie shi was excellent. ~ Smitha

The lessons and teaching have been good. ~ Michael

Thank you for your support with my Conversational Mandarin Beginner Course. Lilian has been fantastic. She has been very patient with my pronunciation, totally supportive and has ensured that the classes are fun and delivered at my own pace.When I think back to where I started from and the position I am at now, I am really delighted with the amount of Mandarin I have already picked up. ~ Jennifer Yang-Meslet

Chinese Language Group Class

I like the interactive nature of the Chinese classes. The Mandarin Speaking and listening methods are really good at this time. Thank you Linda Mandarin ~ Shrusti Tripathy

Private Chinese Lessons

I like the good focus on practical speaking and basic Chinese sentence construction. The way to build confidence early in learning Chinese language is also great. The textbook presents very practical lessons and the MP3 files and Mandarin video lessons work well to support my Mandarin learning. I’m very impressed with the professionalism and the punctuality of my instructor. ~ Tom Urbanec

Kids Chinese Class

My kids are happy with our teacher Selina who is very kind, friendly and patient. I’m very happy with her as she teaches Chinese language and can explain everything in detail to them. The Mandarin course materials are fantastic, and I think it’s the best methodology for foreign young learners. Thank you Linda Mandarin. ~ Marie Thevenon


Nin hao! I started to look online for Chinese Beginners lessons and found Linda Mandarin. The webpage was informative and easy to operate. I checked for options and received an immediate response. Due to my working schedule I have to be flexible which is why I decided for one-to-one Chinese tuition which Linda Mandarin offered. My Chinese teacher Joni is very good and professional and I like her Mandarin teaching method a lot. It is always fun to go to the Chinese lessons! I have just finished Book 1 and signed up for more private Mandarin lessons for Book 2! ~ Petra Schulberatung

Mandarin Daily Morning Group Class

I choose to learn Mandarin because I like to try something new. I really enjoyed my lessons with Linda Mandarin. My Chinese teacher is very helpful and we learnt a lot besides the textbook. ~ Dhiraj

I chose to learn with Linda Mandarin because the Chinese language course timing was very nice and location is just a few minutes walk from my office. Learning is a lot of fun here! ~ Waqas

After a few Mandarin lessons, I can interact with my Chinese colleagues. That’s great! ~ Rohaida

I have recently completed the level 1 Chinese course with Linda Mandarin, and my grasp of the mandarin language has improved tremendously. One of the best things about this Chinese course has been the variety of teaching methods employed by my teacher Selina. The mandarin lessons are always interesting, and the pace of progression is challenging, but achievable. I have now commenced level 2, and am finding it equally rewarding. I would highly recommend Linda Mandarin to anyway out there who is genuinely interested in learning the Chinese language. ~ James Yeomans

Linda Mandarin provided me with the perfect environment to build on my very basic knowledge of this beautiful Mandarin language. From my very first free Chinese trial lesson, I could see that Linda was extremely professional and that she would expect high standards from her team and the student participants. The Chinese Beginner Level 1 daily class was fast paced and enjoyable. My Mandarin teacher Lillian ensured that each member of our small group was adequately challenged and engaged in each lesson. I would recommend this Chinese course for anyone looking to pick up a new language.~ Ken McGeough

I feel like I have so much more knowledge of Mandarin just after a few Chinese lessons at Linda Mandarin. I can’t speak it fast yet but understand so much more. I’m looking forward to my next Chinese lessons. ~ Mike Kasem

The Chinese course conducted by Linda Mandarin is very qualified. The Chinese teachers are native Mandarin speakers from mainland China is very professional and trustworthy. The teachers are warm and knowledgeable. I have learnt vocabulary and process related to negotiation, foreign investment in China and tender in my 12-hr lesson. I will surely recommend Linda Mandarin. ~ Joanna Lee