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Find out what our students say about us and their learning journey with our trainers.
Our Mandarin Class students are glad to share this enjoyable Chinese language learning experience and many of them refer their friends and colleagues to learn Chinese Mandarin with us.


Chinese Class Video Testimonials


Chinese Class Students Testimonials


Chinese Course Beginner 1


The School has a Good methodology. Good teacher and Chinese lessons are enjoyable. ~ Guillaume


Our Chinese teacher teaches us basic words and then form them into Mandarin conversations. ~ Prakash


I liked how at the beginning the sentences and broken down, and it’s easy to understand. ~ Lance G.


It’s good to know basic words and be able to speak basic Chinese sentences. ~ Rhoda Lopez

Mandarin lessons Beginner 2


The Chinese learning progress and the atmosphere are very good. ~ Farid
I have attended the most Wonderful Chinese course, covered up a lot in the daily life. ~ Gaurav


It’s good to know basic words and be able to speak basic Chinese sentences. ~ Rhoda Lopez

Private Chinese Course ~ David


I’ve got a good feeling with my Chinese laoshi Lynn who always answers my questions. The private Chinese course provided by Linda Mandarin has a very progressive approach and structure related to the daily life. I will definitely recommend my friends to join this awesome Chinese language school. ~ David

Corporate Mandarin Training for KPMG staffs


Our Chinese teacher Xuewen is an amazing and patient teacher. The corporate Mandarin class is interactive and engaging. ~ Bhavna (KPMG)

Group Mandarin Class


I have enjoyed the Chinese teacher, allowing the Mandarin class to learn at our own pace. ~ Lauretta


Good instruction, good materials and level. Anlan is an excellent Chinese teacher and I hope to continue to my next level Mandarin learning with her. ~ Scott

Chinese Courses in Singapore


I had a good Mandarin learning experience at Linda Mandarin Beginner class. My Chinese teacher Anlan is a sweet lady and she helps me to converse the right manner. – Alexander J.


The Chinese course is very good. Our Chinese Teacher is experienced and very patient with our learning journey. – Gouri Ramu


The Chinese course has given me not only knowledge but also the experience so as I can speak Chinese better day by day. – Brian Tuan


I really enjoyed the Mandarin course. Well structured and easy to follow. Anlan is an excellent teacher – hopefully she will be the tutor for the next lesson cycle. – Scott Clements

Business Chinese learning


My Mandarin teacher gave us interesting Issues and content during our Chinese lessons. She has broad knowledge & teaching experience. We have enjoyed our Mandarin Learning with Linda Mandarin. ~ Claus Bae

Chinese Lessons


I’ve really enjoyed the Chinese lessons with Linda Mandarin and would like to continue on Wednesday evenings next term. My Mandarin teacher Lynn was a good teacher. She quickly found a structure for the class that worked well with our Chinese learning and gave all of us plenty of opportunities to practice and to ask questions. Thank you everyone, Good Mandarin Language School. ~ Brad Wilson

The classes are going well. Selina has been very patient with us and always encouraging us. She has been amazing at using different games and techniques in keeping us motivated in each class. She even makes videos of us speak which is a great way to track our progress.What also works is the fact that she takes a few minutes at the beginning of each Chinese lessons Singapore to do a recap of previous lessons which is very helpful to us. We also love the video lessons Linda Mandarin provides and we watch it a lot to practice our Chinese listening skills. ~ Gimhani Levangama

A huge thank-you to Bian lao shi from Linda Mandarin. I definitely enjoyed my Chinese lessons Singapore with her. I feel that her motivation to explain the Chinese characters and her effort to break down the Pin Yin makes the lessons interesting and engaging. The textbook along with the other forms of teaching helps to support the lessons and understanding. Lastly, I do appreciate the comfortable teaching environment that Linda Mandarin provides. I hope to complete the other course levels in the future. ~ Netti Sunarti

Mandarin Class Beginner 1


The Mandarin Classes are very Interactive lessons, cheerful trainers, helpful online Mandarin videos. ~ Htoo Shwe Yee


Very good Mandarin class environment. Fun and interactive. Our Chinese teacher had great energy. ~ Niru


Fun and informative Mandarin lessons. Our Mandarin teacher Yingming is very good at getting all involved and keep all the lessons interesting. ~ Gerald

Chinese Course Beginner 1


The Chinese introduction course with pinyin makes it easy for me to have a good start and now I can speak good Chinese sentences. ~ Yasuaki

Intermediate Mandarin Course


The intermediate Mandarin course is very interactive. Our Chinese teacher always talks to us in Chinese, and it’s helpful at an intermediate level. The Linda Mandarin’s video lessons are very helpful too.  ~ Gina

Good Mandarin lessons, grammar points are well explained. ~ Claire

The size of the Mandarin group class is very good to concentrate on individual learning needs, and the Chinese language school is conveniently located. ~ Martin

Private Chinese Class


I’m very happy with all my Chinese teachers at Linda Mandarin. They are knowledgeable and friendly and I have benefited a lot from this Mandarin course. Thank you Linda Mandarin.
~ Michael Nixon

Mihai Caratas Chinese Classes


My Mandarin trainer Selina always gives us broad understanding beyond the exact words and meaning. Our Chinese classes are always more diverse than what’s in the materials. Linda Mandarin’s flexibility and willingness to adjust to our schedule is much appreciated.
~ Mihai Caratas

Daily Chinese Group Class


The Chinese course led by Lynn is very interesting. The teaching pattern is very clear and concrete. It’s very well explained with interesting examples. ~ Purvi Kojai


Zhu lin is a great teacher who explains each lesson in detail. She encourages us to bond with one another by giving us role-plays. She emphasises on good pronunciation and I find this effective. ~ M. Harani


I enjoyed my Chinese course. The teacher was so helpful and made the lessons fun and interactive. I hope to learn more Chinese in the future and join Linda Mandarin other courses when I’m back on vacation from school.  ~ Priya Shourie

Business Chinese Lessons


I have tried several other Chinese Language schools before having my Business Chinese lessons with Linda Mandarin. This is the Most Excellent Mandarin language Course I have taken so far. My Mandarin teacher Xuewen is such a friendly and passionate lady who knows how to motivate our learning. Thank you Linda Mandarin.

~ Sang Min

Chinese Culture Training


Linda Mandarin Language School provides good detailed Chinese Culture learning materials. Our Chinese teacher has good knowledge and teaching experience. ~ Shan Lin


We have a comprehensive learning of China History. We enjoyed the Chinese Culture training and our Chinese teacher provides sufficient syllabus and relevant materials. ~ Joseph

I recently joined the business mandarin class with my colleagues conducted by Linda Mandarin. Our trainer Selina has been very helpful in helping us to understand the cultural and business environment of China which is vital to our global society as China remain one of the stronger and bigger country in the world. The class was very interactive as she encourages role plays which certainly help to speed up our mandarin speaking. It is also especially enjoyable and useful as Selina introduces us to the local Chinese usage of wechat and several other Chinese applications as technology places an importance emphasis in connecting lives. We are glad that we have such a helpful teacher who teaches us learnings outside the book. ~ Charlene Lin

Thanks for the Mandarin classes Singapore. Good location, good studying materials, and compliments to our teacher Yao. It is amazing that within 2 weeks we can already speak some Mandarin. ~ Olesya Belyanina

Chinese Class Beginner 1


The Chinese classes were very fun. Our Mandarin teacher and classmates were very nice. The course was very helpful. Best Chinese teacher! Best Chinese course! ~ Chalita


Great atmosphere and Mandarin learning experience. ~ Alex


It is very interesting, gain more Chinese language knowledge. Also, fun and help me to understand basic conversation Mandarin skills. ~ Anna

Business Chinese Course ~ Benjamin


Selina is an excellent and patient teacher. I have learnt a lot from her and my Business Chinese skills has improved. ~ Benjamin

Intermediate Chinese Group Class


Our Chinese teacher really spends her time to attend us as well as explains the concept outside the textbook which helps broaden our knowledge in Chinese language learning. ~ Johan Pramono


The Mandarin class is very energetic, participating and cheerful. It’s quite fun and entertaining to attend such a good Chinese course after one day busy work. ~ Teruo Iwamoto


Learning many new Chinese words and grammar skills. Able to converse in business Chinese. ~ Alston Yap


Small Mandarin class size, nice atmosphere. Speed of Chinese classes is good. ~ Robin

Beginner 3 Chinese Group Class


Our Mandarin teacher Sylvia is very knowledgeable and approachable. She engages the class well and passionate about the subject. ~ Jennifer Tran


The Chinese classmate is very friendly and those Mandarin video lessons are great for catching up when I miss my Chinese classes. ~ Ryoko Takao

Corporate Mandarin Lessons


The Corporate Mandarin lessons help me to understand my guests in the hotel better. ~ Siti


My Chinese teacher from Linda Mandarin is very friendly and she always promptly asks if we understand the teaching or have any queries. ~ Siyanna


My Mandarin lesson with Linda Mandarin is a lot of fun, and I enjoyed it very much. ~ Juliana

Mandarin Course


The Chinese course was perfect for a mandarin beginner like me. The Mandarin teacher is very patient and helpful in explaining and method of Chinese teaching is very good. ~ Gaurav


My Chinese Lao Shi is an excellent teacher. She is informative, clear and entertaining. ~ Hamid Khan


I enjoy the Mandarin course. My teacher is very good. She goes out of her way to accommodate request outside the course syllabus. ~ Hasira

Mandarin lessons


From the ten 10 Mandarin lessons, I have learnt a lot of new Chinese words and expanded my Chinese vocabulary. Thank you, Linda Mandarin ~ Alston


Our Chinese course homework and teaching materials are good. The Chinese lessons pace of teaching is excellent. Thank you, Linda Mandarin ~ Jason

I did enjoy my Chinese lessons over the Chinese New Year and be able to learn the basic Chinese just after 4 days.  My teacher Xuewen is a great Chinese teacher. ~ Omar Rachid

Linda Mandarin has provided me a good gateway to learn one of the toughest languages in the world, Mandarin. It is a very good place to learn Chinese in Singapore and I am very proud to be a part of it at Linda Mandarin Chinese language school. I hope to continue with my learning here in the near future.  It has been a great experience of learning Mandarin courses Singapore at Linda Mandarin. Thank you! ~ Akanksha Verma

The class was very good to start learning a new language and I could learn many Chinese Characters. The teacher was very kind and always there to help me practice Chinese. The office location is convenient when it’s coming to learn Chinese lessons Singapore.

~ Yousun Chung

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