Mandarin Class Students Success Stories | Mandarin Courses Singapore
Find out what our students say about us and their learning journey with our trainers.
Our Mandarin Class students are glad to share this enjoyable Chinese language learning experience and many of them refer their friends and colleagues to learn Chinese Mandarin with us.

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Chinese Class Students Testimonials

Chinese Course Beginner 1Chinese Course Beginner 1

The School has a Good methodology. Good teacher and Chinese lessons are enjoyable. ~ Guillaume
Our Chinese teacher teaches us basic words and then form them into Mandarin con…

Chinese Course Beginner 1

Mandarin Class Beginner 1Mandarin Class Beginner 1

The Mandarin Classes are very Interactive lessons, cheerful trainers, helpful online Mandarin videos. ~ Htoo Shwe Yee
Very good Mandarin class environment. Fun and interactiv…

Mandarin Class Beginner 1

Chinese Class Beginner 1Chinese Class Beginner 1

The Chinese classes were very fun. Our Mandarin teacher and classmates were very nice. The course was very helpful. Best Chinese teacher! Best Chinese course! ~ Chalita
Great …

Chinese Class Beginner 1

Chinese lessons Beginner 2Mandarin lessons Beginner 2

The Chinese learning progress and the atmosphere are very good. ~ Farid
I have attended the most Wonderful Chinese course, covered up a lot in the daily life. ~ Gaurav

Mandarin lessons beginner 2

KPMG Chinese Group ClassCorporate Mandarin Training for KPMG staffs

Our Chinese teacher Xuewen is an amazing and patient teacher. The corporate Mandarin class is interactive and engaging. ~ Bhavna (KPMG)

Corporate Mandarin Training

Business Chinese Class _ BenjaminBusiness Chinese Course ~ Benjamin

Selina is an excellent and patient teacher. I have learnt a lot from her and my Business Chinese skills has improved. ~ Benjamin

Business Chinese Course

Private Chinese Course DavidPrivate Chinese Course ~ David

I’ve got a good feeling with my Chinese laoshi Lynn who always answers my questions. The private Chinese course provided by Linda Mandarin has a very progressive appro…

Private Chinese Course

Intermediate Mandarin ClassIntermediate Mandarin Course

The intermediate Mandarin course is very interactive. Our Chinese teacher always talks to us in Chinese, and it’s helpful at an intermediate level. The Linda Mandarin’…

Intermediate Chinese Mandarin Course

Chinese Course Beginner 1Chinese Course Beginner 1

The Chinese introduction course with pinyin makes it easy for me to have a good start and now I can speak good Chinese sentences.

~ Yasuaki

Chinese Course Beginner 1 Yasuaki

Intermediate 2 Aug 16 Chinese Group ClassIntermediate Chinese Group Class

Our Chinese teacher really spends her time to attend us as well as explains the concept outside the textbook which helps broaden our knowledge in Chinese language lear…
Intermediate Chinese Group Class