Mandarin Class Students Success Stories | Mandarin Courses Singapore
Find out what our students say about us and their learning journey with our trainers.
Our Mandarin Class students are glad to share this enjoyable Chinese language learning experience and many of them refer their friends and colleagues to learn Chinese Mandarin with us.

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Chinese Class Students Testimonials

chinese-lessons-singapore-1Mandarin lessons

From the ten 10 Mandarin lessons, I have learnt a lot of new Chinese words and expanded my Chinese vocabulary. Thank you, Linda Mandarin – Alston
Our Chinese course homework and teach…

Mandarin lessons Intermediate Class

business-chinese-lessonsBusiness Chinese Lessons

I have tried several other Chinese Language schools before having my Business Chinese lessons with Linda Mandarin. This is the Most Excellent Mandarin language Course I have t…

Sang Min Business Chinese Lessons

mandarin-lessons-singaporeChinese Lessons

I’ve really enjoyed the Chinese lessons with Linda Mandarin and would like to continue on Wednesday evenings next term. My Mandarin teacher Lynn was a good teacher. She quickly found…

Brad Wilson

IMG_0790x300I did enjoy my Chinese lessons over the Chinese New Year and be able to learn the basic Chinese just after 4 days.  My teacher Xuewen is a great Chinese teacher. ~ Omar Rachid

Omar Rachid

Arunax300The classes are going well. Selina has been very patient with us and always encouraging us. She has been amazing at using different games and techniques in keeping us motivated in each class. She even…

Gimhani Levangama

charlene-linx300I recently joined the business mandarin class with my colleagues conducted by Linda Mandarin. Our trainer Selina has been very helpful in helping us to understand the cultural and business environment…

Charlene Lin

akanksha-verma-x-300Linda Mandarin has provided me a good gateway to learn one of the toughest languages in the world, Mandarin. It is a very good place to learn Chinese in Singapore and I am very proud to be a …

Akanksha Verma

netti-sunarti-x-300A huge thank-you to Bian lao shi from Linda Mandarin. I definitely enjoyed my Chinese lessons Singapore with her. I feel that her motivation to explain the Chinese characters and her effort to break d…

Netti Sunarti

olesya-belyanina-x-300Thanks for the Mandarin classes Singapore. Good location, good studying materials, and compliments to our teacher Yao. It is amazing that within 2 weeks we can already speak some Mandarin.

Olesya Belyanina

yousun-chung-x-300The class was very good to start learning a new language and I could learn many Chinese Characters. The teacher was very kind and always there to help me practice Chinese. The office location is conve…

Yousun Chung