The 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs and the Leftover Cat


Foreigners who learn Chinese in Singapore or are just interested in zodiac signs would know that one animal is conspicuous by its absence in the Chinese zodiac signs—the cat. Want to know why?

Well, let’s first check the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs before getting to the root of the leftover cat mystery.

The Rat

In the Chinese Zodiac, the very first animal is the rat. Rat people are smart, clever, and very adaptable. They are also extremely intuitive and possess a good head on their shoulders. For the people of China, the rat symbolizes wealth as well as success.

What are the not-so-impressive qualities of the Rat people? Well, they love to gossip and so can’t be trusted to keep a secret.

The Ox

Oxen people work very hard. They are also serious by nature. Those born during the year of OX have strong leadership qualities. However, they are prone to take too much stress and have mood swings.

The Tiger

The tiger, as you might know, is the cousin of the cat, and people born under the Tiger years are extremely confident, charming, and ambitious. They have strong leadership qualities as well. They are a dependable love companion and like challenges. The downside is that Tiger people are extremely stubborn and have a big ego.

The Rabbit

Those born under the Rabbit years are polite, comprehensive, sincere, and compassionate. No wonder then, everyone wants to be friends with rabbit people. However, for all their qualities, rabbit people have one flaw that prevents from making most of the opportunities that life gives them—they are extremely conservative.

The Dragon

So you are born under a Dragon year? Dragon people have lots and lots of energy, are extremely intelligent and confident and possess great strength. Dragons don’t mind challenges and are not afraid of taking risks. Because of these strong interpersonal qualities, some dragons might appear as arrogant, irritating, and aggressive.

The Snake

Wise and intelligent, snake people are believed to be great thinkers. They ponder too much but don’t say a lot. However, you might be careful around snake people because they can betray others.

The Horse

So, you are a horse, uh? Well then, you must be very energetic and athletic. Horse people are known for their sense of humor and their desire to be the center of attraction of people around them. However, those born under the horse years can be immature and self-centered, so watch out for these two things.

The Sheep

This zodiac sign is also known as the ram or goat sign. Sheep people are delicate and creative. They possess strong defensive instincts and prefer the company of others over being all by themselves.

The Monkey

Monkey people are witty, clever, and extremely fast learners. They are curious almost about everything and are a little eccentric. Their biggest flaw is their naughtiness, their penchant for playing pranks.

The Rooster

Those born under the rooster years have strong writing skills. They are also good speakers. You would love to have Rooster people as your friends because they are honest and loyal. However, beware about their habit to hog all the limelight and show off.

The Dog

Dog people are unselfish and like to lead a quiet, peaceful, and happy life. They will help others even if it means putting themselves under discomfort. However, they tend to be stubborn and have poor communication skills.

The Boar

Loyal and friendly, Boar people know how to keep the peace. However, other people try to take advantage of their innocence. Boar people tend to be gluttony.

The Cat

Twelve zodiac signs and twelve animals, but no cat. Well, the reason is simple: Cats were not originally found in China and they came here only after the Chinese calendar was created.

Interesting, isn’t it? Want to know more about Chinese people and their culture. Then, join Mandarin classes Singapore to acquire more interesting facts about them.

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