Tips On Having Fun While Learning Mandarin Chinese


Learning Chinese in Singapore can bring lots of fun to you! Whatever your learning style is – reading, listening or talking, there is a lot of learning options for you to choose from. With the Chinese characters, tones and pronunciations, people often think that learning Chinese is something so hard that they do not even want to attempt to learn it. However, this article is here to tell you that learning Mandarin can be interesting and very rewarding in more ways than one.

Mandarin Chinese is a language where you will always be learning. Anything is possible, even if you’re a non-Chinese speaker you will learn, just follow your heart and achieve your dreams! What’s more, the Singapore government is actively encouraging Singaporeans to brush up their Mandarin skills. Did you know that you can learn Mandarin with your SkillsFuture credits at a subsidised rate? Make use of all these amazing resources given to you and pick up some skills today!

Learn Mandarin with Friends

Taking your Mandarin lessons will definitely be more fun with friends – you learn more as well as improve your vocabulary while having the opportunity to practice speaking this language both in and out of your classroom.  Get your friends along and ask them to join you in a Mandarin Class enrolment. Consistent practice makes up a huge part of learning a new language. Hence, by having your friends with you, you will not only get to learn from each other, but have fun laughing at each other’s’ mistakes as well! An excellent way to practice your written skills is also to chat on social media with your friends in Mandarin. This will improve both your reading and writing skills in Mandarin, an excellent building block for your exciting journey.

Abundance of Learning Materials

Learning Mandarin is magical – once you start, you will never want to stop. Don’t just stick to modules and handouts, explore the treasure trove of jewels out there. Especially in Singapore where more than 70% of the population practices Chinese, you are offered a vast range of learning materials to choose from. Be resourceful, look on the internet and enhance your learning. With the endless amount of resources, you can try out many fun activities like quizzes or word games such as hangman. You can even give yourself a 40 day challenge where you post a Chinese learning quote on social media every day. All these are aimed towards improving your reading, writing and pronunciation of the Mandarin words. Whatever learning style you have, there will always be learning materials you can find. You can also enrol for Mandarin classes with your SkillsFuture credit and get more tips and advices on how you can better learn Mandarin.

Movies in Mandarin

A really fun way to learn Mandarin is to watch movies and cartoons in Mandarin with pinyin and English subtitles.  This is a great way to build and enhance your Mandarin learning.  Have a look on the internet, download Chinese movies or rent a movie – choose your favourite films and watch it in Chinese. In fact, kid films are a great resource for beginners as well! Watch these movies with your friends on the weekend and you can all learn together. What can be better than spending a nights-out with your friends while getting to learn Mandarin too? When you can start to understand some of the sentences spoken in the movie, you will be surprised by how much satisfaction that brings.

Eating Out – Chinese Style

Learning Mandarin is a fun and amazing journey. It is hard work but it will be worth it in the end, you just need that little bit of inspiration and motivation to boost your learning experience. Challenge yourself and have a lovely meal in a Chinese restaurant. It will be a fun evening out with your friends! You can talk to each other in Mandarin, order your food in Mandarin, learn how to use chopsticks and sample delicacies that you normally wouldn’t have in your daily diet. Food is always the best motivation to a learning experience!

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