Virtual vs Physical: Which Is Better For Learning Chinese

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Online learning is highly convenient and flexible.

When you go to a virtual language class, you don’t have to worry about travelling to a physical classroom. Sometimes, you don’t even have to worry about dressing up.

You can literally learn straight from the comfort of your own bed.

However, the problem with taking a virtual Mandarin courseis that you lose out on a couple of key things that are conducive to learning.

This includes things such as immersion and personalized guidance.

Taking live classes with other interested learners is beneficial for most students, especially since studying at home can be highly distracting.

This isn’t to say that taking a virtual Mandarin course for adults won’t benefit you – but when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness, you’ll be better off learning in a traditional face-to-face class as opposed to learning online.

The benefits of taking a physical Chinese class

  1. When you take a language class in a physical classroom, you allow for that necessary visual and verbal feedback from native tutors who are experts at the language.

While most virtual classes rely on slides and presentations to teach students, they may not provide instant and personal feedback from a qualified and certified tutor.

In a physical classroom, an effective tutor will be able to adjust his or her teaching methods accordingly, incorporating interesting activities to try out whenever things get dull.

  1. The back and forth interaction among students, as well as between the instructor and the students, is a necessary part of learning a new language like Chinese.
  2. Learning in a physical class also allows students to receive feedback based on quizzes and exams that are tailored to their learning progress.

Most of the time, students learning online usually measure their progress on their own via self-marking quizzes. The issue with that is that not all students are capable of policing themselves.

Sign up for a Chinese class today

The traditional classroom setting has been the go-to learning method for years if not decades. Why? Because it works.

Even though there are many advantages to virtual learning, it can’t replicate the kind of immersion that you get in a physical classroom where you’re grouped with other like-minded individuals.

Regardless of whether you take a virtual or physical Mandarin course – what’s important is that you try and learn Chinese today.

The importance of learning Chinese in an increasingly global job market cannot be overstated.

As China becomes an even bigger player in the world’s economy, the importance of the language will only become more evident.

Do yourself a favour and take a Mandarin course for adults today!

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