Where to learn Chinese in Singapore?


Where to learn Chinese in Singapore



Which is the best place for learning this language? Whether you are a bred Singaporean or just landed in this country, reading this post means that you are trying to learn Chinese in Singapore.

Actually, it varies from one person to another and depends on various factors.

There are different types of Chinese courses such as, online, private, part time, full-time, and location wise (East, Central etc.).

But which type or school will be more suitable for you? The following factors will allow you to decide it in a better way.

Factor 1: Don’t miss out on the subsidies!

No matter whether you are a permanent resident (PR), Chinese, or Malay, etc. – you can take advantage of business Chinese courses with up-to a 90% subsidy from the Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

However, if you are unable to receive the up to 70% subsidy it is recommended to consider other schools.

Factor 2: What is your schedule?

Taking Chinese classes Singapore for twenty hours a week allows you to get through its fundamentals in one swoop. Further, you achieve what would take years of part-time learning in a few months.
However, people doing a job should go for part-time private Chinese courses.

Factor 3: Are you a frequent traveler? Consider online or private lessons

According to a language school owner:

The pattern is always the same even for students who travel for work. Although they start with enthusiasm, but after starting their travel they stop the lessons.

The private Chinese lessons, will not be running to catch up what you missed in the previous classes.

Whereas, a private tutor can pick up where you left before his/her students’ business trip. Further, if your tutor can be flexible about the day on which you take lessons, you may also be able to squeeze in more lessons.

Moreover, language trainers can meet your convenient place (like your office, etc.) This will ultimately help to free up time to squeeze in an extra lesson here and there.

Factor 4: What is your level?

Almost all courses will help the beginners, but for intermediate or high level Chinese speakers this can be tough to find out where to learn Chinese in Singapore.

This does not mean there are no good classes, but it means it is hard to match your level. You are advised to make sure that your classmates are of approximately the same level. You can find out by taking this simple test to determine which level are you at.

Factor 5: Ask your employer for the subsidy?

You should ask your employer to pay for the lessons if learning Chinese has relevance for your job. Companies all over the world get large tax incentives for training their staff. Moreover, under PIC they can claim the entire bill back from the tax authorities.

People that are unable to afford private lessons and whose companies are not going to pay for their course fees, they can avail private lessons at a fraction of the cost. Learning Chinese online is the best affordable option for such people and it also gives the added flexibility of taking lessons any time and anywhere.


We tried to cover the most important considerations for choosing Chinese classes Singapore.

If you have any questions that we have missed, please leave a comment below! We will answer your questions and that will surely be helpful for other people as well.

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