Why Is Chinese So Hard to Learn


It is a fact that Chinese is deemed a difficult language to learn for those who are interested in learning. There are many reasons behind it, we are going to shed some light on why Chinese is so much difficult and tricky to learn.

If you are in the midst of learning this language this article would help you solve a lot of hurdles coming in your path of learning this language. There are many institutes where you can learn Chinese in Singapore too. Mandarin classes are also provided by the expert native teachers.

Here, we will be highlighting the facts why this is a difficult language to learn.

Chinese Tones

Chinese tones are not easy to understand. On top of learning all the three thousand words included in the Chinese language, you would need to learn that each character can be pronounced in 4 different tones, each carrying a different meaning. You would have to put in a lot of effort in order to correct your pronunciations.

Sparse Chinese Environment

There are many countries in which the Chinese language is used as a native language but we have to accept the fact that this language is not that international yet as compared to English. As most of the countries prefer to select English as a second language many people have less exposure to the Chinese language. Being able to converse constantly in Chinese will drastically help you in learning Chinese faster.

School Language Courses

Another thing we have noticed is the availability of school language courses. When we look at the common school language courses, we would see that English and French being the most common languages taught in such schools. The Chinese language is rarely taught in language schools as a topic, however as the trend of Chinese being used in trade and business becomes more common, we will see more niche and specific Chinese language schools are coming up.

The Chinese language is not the easiest to understand but it’s a great language to learn. We need to keep in our minds that this language has deep and rich roots, so we must learn this language despite some minor difficulties in the learning journey.

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