Why You Should Learn The Chinese Language In Singapore

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Only roughly less than a quarter of Singapore’s population can’t trace their ethnicity back to China, with the majority of the country’s citizens being ethnically Chinese. But, even so, English remains Singapore’s most popular language – it’s the language taught in every school and used pretty much everywhere you look.

Times are changing though.

In recent years, China’s role in the global economy has led to Singapore turning its focus to the Mandarin language.

As China’s role in the world’s largest corporations becomes more prominent, the importance of the mandarin language will only become more evident. This is especially true as Singapore tries to maintain their competence in the global market.

This reason alone is enough to take up a Chinese language course in Singapore.

How Relevant is Learning Chinese for Students in Singapore?

Perhaps it’s even more significant for Singapore’s youths to learn Chinese as opposed to its working professionals.

Singapore is known internationally as a hub for academic excellence. However, as students to continue to out-do each other and get accepted in the country’s most prestigious universities, the bar is raised every year.

Taking up a Chinese language course and learning Chinese can help give students the necessary edge to out-compete other students. One way to have a better gauge of your Mandarin proficiency level is to take up the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Exam in Singapore. Based in China, the test certificate is recognized internationally for educational institution admissions as well as employment opportunities.

While keeping in mind that there are many benefits to learning a foreign language like Chinese while in university, what’s more important is what students can do once they graduate. In a world where China has become such a dominant force, being knowledgeable in Chinese allow students to live, study, and work in China. This generally put them in a better position to succeed.

It also helps that the United Nations consider Chinese as one of its six official languages.

Taking Advantage of the World’s Growing Need for Chinese Speakers

The generation before us maximized their opportunities by studying the English language and making it their own.

It is now up to us, the younger generation, to do the same, albeit, using a different language – Chinese.

As China’s role in the global economy grows, non-Chinese speaking professionals will be left behind. It will not be long when they find themselves devalued by the companies that once gave them praise for their English skills.

Taking up a Chinese language course to learn Mandarin, as well as other Chinese languages, will give you a significant advantage today.

The best part about learning Chinese today is there’s no stopping you from doing it.

You owe it to yourself and your future professional to learn Chinese so you can stay ahead of the curve and not be left behind.

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