Kids Mandarin Group Class

Mandarin Group Lessons in Singapore For Children

We offer fun and useful conversational Mandarin courses that will help children master Chinese as their second language.


Here at Linda Mandarin, our highly experienced teachers have designed a holistic academic and conversational teaching system for kids taking Mandarin as a second language. We base our teaching methodology on a communicative approach – it stimulates students’ interest in learning Chinese and elevates their four key skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking). Going beyond content from a particular coursebook, Linda Mandarin’s approaches language learning as a matter of accumulation, as we understand that children absorb best without pressure.


  • Learn through engaging and fun activities
  • Build a solid foundation in reading, writing and speaking to prepare children well for school
  • Classes given by passionate and experienced teachers who hold expertise in Chinese teaching and are early childhood trained


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Chinese is a unique and complex subject taught in school – the ways of thinking in the language is not easily accessible through its structure. It can be challenging to grasp the grammar and other language rules required in both writing and speaking.


Therefore, it is crucial to develop your child’s Mandarin language skills from an early age. The key to creative thinking and developing linguistic fluency is to improve their communicative skills – allowing them to perform even better in school. Beyond their current level of study, these second language writing and communication skills can support their future studies and even benefit their career.


Here at Linda Mandarin, the objective of our children Chinese lessons is to establish core writing and speaking skills in children, empowering them to study the language on their own in the long term. Children will come out of our courses as fluent in Mandarin – they will master standardized comprehension strategies, grasp standardized reading methods, and converse in the language freely.


Children from international schools in Singapore ~ will be categorized under the Proficiency level of learning

Course features:


  • Lessons based on the TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) syllabus and aligned with HSK, IGCSE, IB and YCT exams
  • Additional International School / Hanban China syllabus will be used
  • Led by passionate and experienced native teachers who hold a bachelor’s or master’s in Teaching Chinese (either as a foreign or second language)
  • Interactive activities and lessons to stimulate and develop speaking and listening skills
  • Oral practices are included to allow students to ease into grammar and structure rules easily
  • Classes introduce Chinese characters through association, to aid with recognition and memory
  • Includes monthly tests to check on each student’s progress
  • Classes include practising exam skills (written and oral exams)
  • A progress report is prepared each term and shared during meetings with parents


What is unique about the features of our children group course?


Each term comprises of 10 sessions that last 2 hours each.


The material fee for each student is $50 (covers customized syllabus, coursebook & activity and audio CD). This fee excludes a one-time $50 registration fee for all new students.


If your child has missed any classes, they can choose from the following options.


  • Request for a make-up class in the same week
  • Catch our video lessons that have been recorded for the student’s own revision


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Course Duration:


Each term here at Linda Mandarin comprises of weekly sessions that span over 10 weeks, each of 120 minutes. Should the class fall on Public Holiday, rearrangement will be made by the teachers.

Weekend Online Lesson
School ~ Term 1Mon 4.30pm-6.30pmSat 9am-11am$480 / term
School ~ Term 2Mon 4.30pm-6.30pmSat 9am-11am$480 / term
School ~ Term 3Mon 4.30pm-6.30pmSat 9am-11am$480 / term
School ~ Term 4Mon 4.30pm-6.30pmSat 9am-11am$480 / term
Online Lesson
School ~ Term 1Tue 4.30pm-6.30pmSat 1pm-3pm$480 / term
School ~ Term 2Tue 4.30pm-6.30pmSat 1pm-3pm$480 / term
School ~ Term 3Tue 4.30pm-6.30pmSat 1pm-3pm$480 / term
School ~ Term 4Tue 4.30pm-6.30pmSat 1pm-3pm$480 / term
Term Dates
Online Lesson
School ~ Term 1Wed 4.30pm-6.30pmSat 4pm-6pm$480 / term
School ~ Term 2Wed 4.30pm-6.30pmSat 4pm-6pm$480 / term
School ~ Term 3Wed 4.30pm-6.30pmSat 4pm-6pm$480 / term
School ~ Term 4Wed 4.30pm-6.30pmSat 4pm-6pm$480 / term
Term Dates
Online Lesson
School ~ Term 1Thu 4.30pm-6.30pmSun 9am-11am$480 / term
School ~ Term 2Thu 4.30pm-6.30pmSun 9am-11am$480 / term
School ~ Term 3Thu 4.30pm-6.30pmSun 9am-11am$480 / term
School ~ Term 4Thu 4.30pm-6.30pmSun 9am-11am$480 / term
Online Lesson
School ~ Term 1Fri 4.30pm-6.30pmSun 1pm-3pm$480 / term
School ~ Term 2Fri 4.30pm-6.30pmSun 1pm-3pm$480 / term
School ~ Term 3Fri 4.30pm-6.30pmSun 1pm-3pm$480 / term
School ~ Term 4Fri 4.30pm-6.30pmSun 1pm-3pm$480 / term

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What is the best age to learn Chinese?

It’s always best to start learning a language as early as possible. As for Chinese, you would want to introduce it to your child before they turn 12 years old. In fact, research has proven that younger children are more attuned to picking up the subtle nuances in tones and language. With Chinese as a highly tonal language, starting as young as 2 years is possible and can even be helpful for quick learning!

How long will it take to learn Chinese?

The language learning process is very much dependent on how fluent you wish to be in Chinese, and how much time you can dedicate to learning each day or each week. But, on average, some experts say it takes approximately 2,000 hours or at least 2 years for proficiency. As Chinese can be a complex language with various tonalities and an extensive vocabulary of Chinese characters, it’s best to kick start the process early.

Why is Mandarin the language of the future?

With over one billion global speakers, Mandarin is easily one of the most spoken languages. And with this number still growing, Mandarin has been steadily growing in importance throughout the years. What’s more, in this increasingly connected world, whether your child will be working overseas or looking for a career in tourism, translation, international business, mastering such a popular language as Mandarin can open many doors for them.

How can kids learn Chinese online?

With interactive tools and virtual activities, learning Chinese online can match up to taking classes in person. Specifically, your child’s listening and speaking skills can improve more significantly as online courses typically utilize more audio and video clips. Additionally, with shorter attention spans, it can be easier to catch a child’s attention using technology and its interactive tools.

How many Chinese characters does one need to know to be fluent?

To be proficient in basic Chinese, one needs to know an average of 2,000 characters in the language. This number of characters is sufficient to read the Chinese newspaper and reach at least level 4 in terms of the HSK test proficiency. If one wishes to master the language for professional opportunities, attaining HSK level 6 and knowing approximately 5,000 Chinese characters is recommended.