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Find out what our students say about us and their learning journey with our trainers.
Our Mandarin Class students are glad to share this enjoyable Chinese language learning experience and many of them refer their friends and colleagues to learn Chinese Mandarin with us.


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Chinese Class Students Testimonials


My teacher in Linda Mandarin, Lily, hails from China but has been widely exposed to the world (Europe) in terms of cultural awareness, perspectives and knowledge. It has been a real pleasure learning from her – in mandarin, Chinese culture as well as exchange of viewpoints around social & political aspects.


Instead of typically teaching purely from books, she created materials to suit my needs/pace, making learning all the more practical and enjoyable. She is also very resourceful e.g., she recommended smart phone applications to input Pinyin. I like to thank Linda Mandarin for persevering with me and letting me learn at my own pace. ~ Daryl Lee

I was very fortunate to have great classmates and an exceptional teacher. Ms. Shi is a jewel and very patient, she made the learning fun, enjoyable and challenging. My desire is to keep going over this class material and continue to the next level as I truly would like to learn the language at a conversational level. I would have no hesitation in recommending Linda Mandarin, classes or teachers. ~ Charles Souza

My teacher is really helpful and also willing to accommodate my needs. When I have wanted to learn more about the cultural aspects of China, she has been more than willing and has taught me about some intricacies that I wouldn’t be able to readily learn about. Linda Mandarin teaching methodology is very good and I have been very happy with my lessons. ~ Rebecca Wardell, Exchange Student at NUS

My teacher at Linda Mandarin was a great teacher, always on time, polite and very friendly. She customised the classes to my requirements and helped me to learn what I am interested in. She also used the book and listening CD as a reference which helped me understand the different accents. Overall it was a very enjoyable and educational lesson and she was very diligent and patient. ~ Smita Ahuja

I have always wanted to embrace Asian culture and learn Mandarin ever since I moved to Singapore last year. Having studied several European languages before, I was fearful that learning Chinese would be a mighty task requiring a lot of endless memorising. Linda Mandarin have exceeded all my expectations. The teaching method and the structure of lessons are so user friendly, that I have felt at ease from day one. My teacher is very professional in her knowledge and attitude to lessons, always aware of my personal learning abilities, pace and style. I am confident that together with Linda Mandarin I will get there sooner than later! ~ Viacheslav Shilin, Deutsche Bank

I could not be more delighted with the enthusiasm and skill of my daughters’ (age 11 and 8) teacher. Although beginners they are learning at an astonishing rate, in part due to the excellence of her teaching, but also because they so thoroughly enjoy the lessons. Our teacher always goes that extra step to encourage them and make sure that they have fun whilst they learn and they have developed a great rapport with her. So much so that they have asked for extra lessons! ~ Natasha Thaker

As I searched for Business Chinese course providers available in the market, I wanted a flexible and personalised programme that could focus on sales and marketing conversations in Mandarin that was directly relevant to my company’s services and industry.  When I found Linda Mandarin online, Linda promptly responded to my query, and even met with me beforehand to discuss my requirements and show me sample course material that she had prepared which was tailored to my concerns. The one-on-one format of 2-hour weekly lessons, at a time and venue of my preference, further made Linda Mandarin the right choice.


I am very grateful for the boost in my business Mandarin ability and have been able to put what I have learned into immediate practice. I highly recommend Sophia and Linda Mandarin to other busy professionals looking to improve their Mandarin. ~ Christine Ho, M Moser Associates

Thank you for your Mandarin Program, I have enjoyed myself very much and learnt a lot! ~ Nailah Masagos

I really enjoyed my lessons in Linda Mandarin. My teacher was totally committed to ensuring that everyone in the class learned together, and kept us on track with the lessons in the book. She conveyed great enthusiasm for Chinese language which she passed on to the students. It was really valuable to hear some of the context and connections for the characters and words: I felt I learned a lot about Chinese culture at the same time as I learnt the language. I think her strongest skill as a teacher is her ability to give mnemonics for learning the characters – I found these much easier to pick up than I expected and I think it was because she told little humorous stories about the strokes and designs, and also explained connections between the concepts and pronunciations of the characters. This made it easier to remember the characters. I think this skill is part of her holistic view of Chinese language and culture, which means that instead of just learning isolated pieces of language you learn how the language is structured and how it all fits together. ~ Anna Ezekiel

I would like to thank Linda Mandarin for the flexibility to arrange the lessons on scheduling and venue. I feel that I make progress with my teacher Cathy. She is excellent! ~ Sabine Zigan, Henkel

We are more than happy to continue with Linda Mandarin to learn Chinese. We were both absolutely happy with our trainer and the way she was doing the training, we highly recommend Linda Mandarin language course to other experts who need flexible training times. ~ Thomas Klemm & Philipp Kugelmann

The lessons have been excellent, mostly down to the way my trainer is teaching me. For the first 7 or 8 lessons I was really struggling to remember stuff but last week suddenly the ‘light bulb’ above my head came on and for whatever reason I am retaining information now. I still have a long way to go but to be truthful I get so excited each week to be learning more stuff!


And I like the way Linda Mandarin teach so much I was very happy to recommend you to a colleague of mine who wants the same thing. ~ Martyn Briggs, ISS Asia Pacific

Linda Mandarin Chinese course arrangement work very well and my Mandarin Tutor Stephanie is an excellent teacher. ~ Alan Barry, Standard Chartered Bank

The children and I have greatly enjoyed our lessons with Linda Mandarin and have been pleased with our teachers. ~ Marlie Ferenczi

I found my lessons with my teacher Nini really interesting and helpful. All classes are well planned and engaging, and my teacher made me always feel comfortable and at ease. I would definitely recommend Linda Mandarin to anyone interested in learning Chinese. ~ Guido Cardullo, Fratelli Cosulich Bunkers

Linda Mandarin offers a flexible and good way to learn Mandarin. The classes are fun and engaging, and the instructor makes me feel comfortable and at ease. Because of their flexibility I have been able to take classes at the most convenient times and progress at my own pace. I highly recommend Linda Mandarin ~ Enrique Medina, Cameron (Singapore) Pte. Ltd

We are greatly benefiting from the lessons conducted by Cathy. We will surely recommend the business Chinese lessons in Linda Mandarin to anyone interested in improving their Mandarin skills. ~ Crystal Lee

Linda Mandarin trainer is motivating and dynamic. She makes the class totally interactive and fun. You learn vocabulary, grammar but also the meaning / story of characters, which makes it much more interesting and easier to remember. She uses games to trigger the memory and i have to say I never remembered that much while learning a language! The best teacher I had so far in my Mandarin learning experience. ~ Jennifer Blottin

I can share that I have found my teacher at Linda Mandarin a very good teacher for me. I found her being focused yet patient and helpful, and flexible to ‘zoom in’ on subjects (vocabulary or grammatical issues) of specific interest to me. Importantly, it was also fun to work with her! I enjoyed my lessons and I would recommend Linda Mandarin to others.


As the tonation is so important in Chinese and doesn’t come natural for a Westerner (or at least to me!..) I had to listen to pronunciation quite a lot to practice this. The videos complemented the book’s audio files quite well and I used them quite a bit (more and more so in fact as the lessons progressed). I would certainly recommend to keep the videos included in the course material.I liked it to be able to see the relevant pictures at the same time when I was learning new words. It helped me memorise new words more easily. ~ Peter Swart

I really enjoyed my Chinese lessons with Linda Mandarin. My Mandarin tutor Nini was great, I am interested in Tang Poetry so we went through one Tang poem at the end of each session. Then we did translation of our Chinese website to enhance my technical vocabulary and understanding. This in addition to the standard textbook. I have really enjoyed my Mandarin classes and thoroughly recommend Linda Mandarin. ~ Conrad Clifford, International Air Transport Association (IATA)

I find the lessons with my trainer very educational and entertaining. I also appreciate the flexibility in the schedule. ~ Jonas Lindbom, Concordia Agritrading

I enjoy the lessons with Linda Mandarin very much. My teacher Annie is a very patient teacher and does not mind repeating the same thing. She also gives me a lot of context on any new words she teaches me. ~ Vishal Dalal

Linda Mandarin provided a teacher with a real passion for teaching which meant each lesson was tailored to my needs and provided in a friendly and efficient manner. I feel that in the short time that I have been with Linda Mandarin I have made some real progress. I will definitely recommend their services to anybody interested in learning Mandarin. ~ Richie Richardson

I tried two other schools before I found Linda Mandarin. The reason why I think Linda Mandarin is the best school in town is that this is the first school that does not follow a given schedule but adjusts the private lessons to my needs. Ms. Zhang my charming teacher helps me to read and write the Chinese characters which was my wish and interest all along. Learning Chinese is a long journey and I found the perfect travel partner at Linda Mandarin. ~ Anita Raaflaub, Rothschild Group

The Beginner level 1 Chinese lesson at Linda Mandarin was very nice and I am feeling confident in speaking Mandarin Language now. The video lessons pre-class and after-class are very helpful to learn Chinese and memorise Mandarin. ~ Rashmi Pattnaik

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