Children Singapore Holiday Program

Children Singapore Holiday Program


In the morning session, children will develop their conversational speaking skills through fun activities and role-plays, while improving their reading and writing skills with character recognition. The afternoon session will be culture appreciation and involvement; they will learn the basic Chinese cooking, brush calligraphy, Marital art, Chinese knot and many other traditional skills.

The schedule is 10am to 5pm daily.

Our dedicated Mandarin teacher and cultural trainer who are very experienced with young learners will guide the children throughout the Chinese lesson and cultural workshop. Our course coordinators and group leaders will accompany the kids for the excursion and cultural activities.
Lunch and snacks are arranged at school. A parent survey form will be required to complete for children with allergies and a special diet.
You are suggested to confirm your registration 2-6 months in advance to secure your seat. A deposit of 20% of the program fee would be required.
To be proficient in basic Chinese, one needs to know an average of 2,000 characters in the language. This number of characters is sufficient to read the Chinese newspaper and reach at least level 4 in terms of the HSK test proficiency. If one wishes to master the language for professional opportunities, attaining HSK level 6 and knowing approximately 5,000 Chinese characters is recommended.
Contact us for more information and our friendly consultants will explain to you in English or Mandarin.

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